[Album Review] Strange World (7th Mini Album) – Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon made his comeback in August 2022 with the mini-album Strange World and the title track FOCUS (my personal pick for Best Solo Choreography (Male) of 2022 in the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards). 8 months on, I am finally reviewing the album. It was on the list of albums that I wanted to review from 2022, but was forgotten on my list (until this past weekend when I finally sat down and took another listen to write the review). Strange World and FOCUS is also Ha Sung Woon’s last comeback prior to his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean military, which he will finish up in 2024. This does mean it is unlikely we will be hearing new music from the soloist soon, so let’s have another listen to the album in the meanwhile.

Strange World Album Cover

1. FOCUS (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of FOCUS. (8/10)

2. Say Yes (어떻게 생각해?)Say Yes is a cheerfully bright pop track that brings a smile to your face. I liked the subtle piano in the background, which helps adds a peppy vibe Say Yes. I also really liked how Ha Sung Woon presented himself in this track, especially following the more mature tone of the title track. It is no doubt that the contrast between this song and the title track is literally day and night. Maybe if it wasn’t placed behind the title track, the contrast wouldn’t be such a major thought whilst listening to the track. (8/10)

3. Baby Blue (바다) – We enter R&B territory for Baby Blue. It is a smooth track and Ha Sung Woon’s falsettos are really captivating in this track. Unfortunately, I don’t really see much else to Baby Blue that is worth commenting on. But it is still a decent listen, overall. (7/10)

4. Too Little Too Late (with JAMIE)Too Little Too Late is another R&B track, and this one has more to talk about. The talk is all good news, as I quite enjoyed this track. The instrumental had some great character. There is also a vibrancy coming both Ha Sung Woon and JAMIE’s vocals (who both sound wonderful together and throughout the song). Their harmonies are also quite great and definitely strengthen the song. The brass in the background also helps out with making the song extra vibrant, as well. (9/10)

5. Daylight – The final song on the mini-album is Daylight, which is a really nice and pleasant ballad track. The acoustic guitar centric instrumental brings a wholesome vibe, which Ha Sung Woon reflects really well throughout the vocals. Interestingly, Ha Sung Woon employs a low and huskier tone during certain parts of the song. An interesting delivery choice, but it works tremendously well to bring that wholesome effect to life. (8.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.1/10

Strange World Teaser Image

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