[Review] Still Life – RM (BTS) with Anderson .Paak

Apologies with how long it has taken me to review this particular song. Still Life was released as part of RM’s debut studio album that was released in December last year. The single Wild Flower, which I did review at the time of release, was the main title track. But Still Life was released as a second single a week after the album’s release. Today, I will finally review Still Life. Also, with this song review soon to be out of the way, this does mean I will finally be posting a review for RM’s studio length album Indigo this coming weekend. Indigo’s album review will also be the final 2022 album review, which will mean that I will finally start tackling the 2023 albums! That will be coming out later this week. But until then, here is my review for Still Life.

Still Life has such a groovy flair that makes it one damn good expressive song. I remember constantly listening to the track when it was first released, just because it was such a fun number and was quite an attractive track from the album. The positive vibes exuded from Still Life were notable, and the upbeat energy throughout makes me want to have a bit of a boogie. The instrumental had some great percussion and subtle brass that gives life to that groovy flair that I already mentioned. As for the artists, RM’s rapping had really good flow and was very captivating during the verses. Anderson .Paak comes through primarily during the choruses alongside RM, and gives off a really great texture via his raspy voice. His “I’m still life” line throughout the song was very punchy and memorable, and this adds more to that expressive profile of Still Life. There is such a catchy ring to the choruses as well. I also found it clever how Anderson .Paak is able to manipulate the pronunciation of “I’m still life” to make it sound like ‘I’m still alive‘, which adds further meaning to the song (which I will touch on later). Together, the pair had great chemistry, as evident by that sequence just prior to the final chorus, and this helped make Still Life a fantastic song. Altogether, I found Still Life is be suitably selected as a second single and a highlight from the Indigo album.

The video plays on the concept of still art. Whilst everything around him is frozen, RM is still able to move about freely, grooving to the song as it plays. With everything around him frozen, he is showing how something still can continue to be alive. The lyrics also speak about moving forward. And the concept of a train was a great way to show this, as the train is a vehicle that constantly moves forward to reach its destination. A well thought out video.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10


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