[Review] FAM (Korean Version) – Stray Kids

The Korean version of FAM was released last year as the lead single off Stray Kids’ 3rd compilation album, SKZ-Replay, which dropped as one of the last KPOP album releases of 2022. Since then, the song has risen to the top of my Weekly KPOP Charts segment twice this year – the 3rd weeks of both January and February. It is a bit awkward for a song to have been placed first on my own Weekly KPOP Chart segment to not have a review, so today I will be reviewing the single. This review will then lead into my album review for SKZ-Replay, which I have wanting to review for a while now. So keep your eyes opened for the album review (which will be split into three parts). But for now, here is my review for FAM.

Previously released as a Japanese single, FAM is very much a personalised song made by the group’s in-house production team 3RACHA for the group (and their fans). The entire lyrics of FAM were made of references to the members through nicknames, shouted names, descriptions and praises of each member. For me, fun is the main word I would use to describe FAM, matching up with the group’s personality when they are off-screen and not performing their usually intense title tracks. As for the music, it is an upbeat and lively electronic track. All members, including the vocalists, delivered their descriptions and praises of the succeeding member in the song by rapping. This adds to the fun side of FAM. All members were also heavily autotuned, which adds a bit of a quirky affair to the song and blends them into the electronic profile of the instrumentation. The choruses were also shared amongst the members and were the closest to feature some singing. Again, autotune was present here to match with the rest of FAM. But the choruses had a catchy ring to them FAM. Altogether, I found FAM to be an addictive track. It is light-hearted (despite the song being delivered in a not so light manner via autotuned raps), casual and fun track that pretty much speaks to the bond that Stray Kids have with one another and their carefree personalities that comes about when the members are not on stage.

The music video for FAM was an edited version of their encore performance during the second Seoul leg of their recent world tour. While this isn’t much to go on with, I do want to point out that I liked the post production of the video. It added some fun elements to the video, emphasised parts of the song and brought some much-needed colour. With the stage lighting and denim outfits, everything looked blue. So, the yellow was a nice way of offset and make it more dynamic. I also liked how the post-production also aided in the emphasis of the member that was in the spotlight for that particular part of the video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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