[Review] Bye Babe – Chen (EXO) & 10CM

Every time I have paused to do an SM Station review (which I haven’t done in the past few weeks), it always ends up being a ballad. In the coming days, due to the lack of comebacks this week, I will be catching up on some of the SM Station releases I have missed in the last 3 months or so I have not looked at the tracks (one of them is a dance track – take a guess which one). Today, I am starting off with Chen’s collaboration with 10CM, Bye Babe.

Bye Babe is not a ballad, which caught me off guard the first time I saw it. Instead, it is an extremely funky guitar dominating song that feels bright and vibrant. It does fall towards the indie side, which 10CM is known for. It has me tapping along and that brightness just makes you smile. The highlight of the song for me is actually that crunching effect that the guitar produces to open up the chorus. Very ear-catching and unique (for me at least). Another standout for this track is the obvious vocals. Chen’s vocals felt just right for the song. It complemented well with 10CM’s vocals and the harmonies that the two produced makes the song so much more enjoyable. If you can’t tell by my comments, I pretty much enjoyed the song. Great collaboration.

The music video states that it is the ‘live version’. So my guess is that the entire song and instrumentation was recorded in the video? That is quite cool. Overall, I thought it was a good video despite it only showing the two artists singing, while the other people in the background are playing the instruments. The layout and the setting were quite awesome. The warm colour filter worked well with the song.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10


Lean On Me – Soyu (Sistar) & Kwon Jeong Yeol (10cm)

Let’s back track for a few months and review a song. Before Soyu went on a break (if you didn’t know, she has been having back problems and has gone on a break, hence Sistar has been focusing a lot on solo promotions), she released a few songs and per usual I think they were mostly collaborations with other artists. This time around she has gone with a member of 10cm, Kwon Jeong Yeol, whose group is known for ballads. And honestly, Soyu’s collaboration has done it again and slayed me. I put a lot of emphasis on Soyu when i review her songs, but somehow don’t manage to put the same level of emphasis on the other singer, who also plays an important part in the collaboration. So let’s do it.

Once again, the vocals from both artists have been superb. Soyu and Jeong Yeol voices go hand in hand in this song. Both artists have the same level of huskiness to their voices, which compliments each other really well. Everything about this song fits in with the Autumn season really well. From the vocals, to the instrumental just gives off that feel. The song is also quite catchy for a ballad. The chorus just sucks me in and reels me in. I feel like the song ended off perfectly. Sometimes, the ending of songs are dragged out or abruptly, but this ending was perfect. I don’t have much to say about the song beside how great it is.

As for the music video, it is quite nice. The same feel in the music video is in the song, hence they go hand in hand. The screen splits into two and we see to different lives. One of them is the of the guy’s and the other is Soyu’s. And we see them lounge around and act as if they they were recently heart broken. But when we assume they get into different taxis, well, they don’t. Instead, they seemed to be in each lives and enjoy each other company. Another ongoing trend I see in KPOP nowadays (and actually life in general), but someone is bringing out the cameras from the late 1990’s, where the camera quality isn’t that grand and crystal clear. I don’t know why it is a trend but it is. Interesting concept for a video, which looked quite nice and well polished.

Overall, another amazing song from Soyu and her collaborations with great male vocalists! 9/10