[Review] Didn’t Say Anything – Baek Z Young & Ong Seong Woo

Don’t you just love surprise releases? This is another collaboration single, joining the two big releases from last week (i.e. IU ft. Suga from BTS and BOL4 ft. Baekhyun from EXO). This single, Didn’t Say Anything, features Baek Z Young, a well known singer in KPOP, known for her songs such as Like Being Hit By A Bullet; My Ear’s Candy (ft. Taecyeon from 2PM); and my personal favourite, Garosugil (ft. Song Yu Vin). And alongside Baek Z Young in this song is Ong Seong Woo, whom we all know from his Wanna One days and recent solo comeback, Gravity.

I associate Baek Z Young, a lot of the time, to ballads. In addition to that thought, the title just screams out emotion and sadness. So that was my expectation going into the song. And boy, Didn’t Say Anything was definitely a ballad. I have only replayed it a couple of times since it was released. And each time, I have been left breathless and speechless. I miss these types of ballads that are just stunning to listen to and I can guarantee that it will continue that way for a very long time. Take Still Love You by Hwesung from N.Flying and Lee Hong Ki from FT Island, it still sounds amazing and floors me to this day. Didn’t Say Anything leaves me that way for a few reasons and it is usual suspects. Didn’t Say Anything features a very nice orchestral instrumentation that continues to build as the song progresses. And this buildup is paired alongside the vocals of both Baek Z Young and Ong Seong Woo. Both singers belt it out from about the half way point, slightly earlier than when most artists would unleash a high note or two. That high note at the end of the bridge was spectacular. Both artists surprised me with that one. Baek Z Young, sure. Ong Seong Woo, very unexpected. And to show off his vocal abilities further, he handles most (if not all) the ad-libs to finish off the song. But it wasn’t just the high notes that wowed me. Even at a normal volume, the pair sounded amazing. The harmonies were beautiful and Baek Z Young’s voice at the start and end was just velvety.

The song is about not saying anything to each other after a breakup due to the emotions one would feel, causing further heartbreak. For majority of the video, we see the singers alone, being heartbroken alone. But at the end, it was revealed that the two were actually side by side. They were in very close proximity to each other and a word or two easily could have been shared. But you could feel that there was an imaginary barrier between them that prevented them from doing so. And this imaginary line that was formed by their emotional states that prevented them from speaking (i.e. the sadness and the glances we could see them making towards one another). I thought that was an interesting yet clever way of presenting the meaning of the song.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

Hate – Baek Z Young

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Baek Ji Young has finally made her comeback to the KPOP scene, after promoting Good Boy. This time, to change things around, she has decided to come back with a ballad, which features Yiruma, who is a really good pianist. Though this is not her best song, in my point of view, her fans thinks otherwise, placing her second place, just behind Girl’s Generation wins on both MCountdown and Music Bank.

Yeah, let’s hope I don’t get hate. I don’t hate this song. It is good song after all. However, it was released around the same time as Girl Generation’s I Got A Boy and JeA’s solo debut mini album, I have not paid attention to this song, as I was quite bias. But despite that, this is a really good ballad. Baek Ji Young has definitely wowed people with her really soothing vocals, which sounds quite nice for this particular song. The piano piece is pretty good.  I guess you can say that this song built up with suspense as the song went along. At the start it was soft and had a lullyby-ish sound to it. But towards the end, she kinds of releases all of this pressure that she has contained in her voice. Overall, a pretty good song.

The music video is quite interesting. I absolutely love the spinning carnival ride that spins around with the piano and actually like where she is sitting in the music video. It kind of reflects upon her voice and the feel of the song. However, as for the female lead of the video, I am quite disappointed. Hasn’t your mother taught you not to accept things from strangers? Hadn’t she told you not take things from ghost? Hasn’t she told you not follow people who you just meant? Because, from my point of view, that scene where he leads to the white horses that are lined up , in a line, and not a carnival wheel, looks like a horrible scene.  But anyway, she then goes to the wheel, and sits on it when it lights up randomly in the dark. Maybe the ghost likes her, or a murder is gonna come for her. That and she realize that ghosts are not real, and that she is a loner. That is a literal meaning the music video, without the interception of the lyrics my friend. I do like my one or two horror/crime films and books.

The live basically has her and the pianist playing and singing. It is alright.

9/10. Pretty good.

Bad Boy – Baek Ji Young ft Junhyung (Beast)


I really like this song. Even though its lyrics do try to defame my gender, I find the song quite enjoyable to listen to. I actually don’t like the fact that some “organizations” are complaining about the lyrics and the fact that this song should be banned. A few words: Shut Up, there are songs that defame girls, yet do any female “organizations” complain? Most of the guys a part of the organizations are wimps. That’s all what I am going to say.

This song has a catchy beat and I really found the rap quite a really good part of the song. Even though it is not a dominate part of the whole song, it does stand out.

Music Video

I don’t really think there is much to say about the music video itself. It is literally dark which fits the tone of the song. And it is just a bunch of people dancing. Nothing much really.

Live Performance

Again, not much to say about the dance. It just like the music video, just more colour. Seriously.

And The Rating?

7.3333/10. Really nice song and an alright music video + performance.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video: