[Review] Fighting – BSS (SEVENTEEN) ft. Lee Young Ji

It has been a while since we heard from BSS, one of SEVENTEEN’s subunits consisting of Boo Seungkwan, DK (Lee Seokmin) and Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung). In fact, their only release before today was Just Do It from 2018. But that changes today, as the trio have returned with their 1st single album, SECOND WIND, and a new lead single titled Fighting. The new single also features the up and coming female rapper Lee Young Ji, whom Seungkwan has collaborated with via the collaborative cover of LIZZO’s Juice and Hoshi had previously featured as a guest on on Lee Young Ji’s webshow No Prepare (and it was hilarious).

If you are basing your expectation for Fighting on the unit’s first release, then you are going to be super satisfied with the likes of Fighting. It is a super energetic, dynamic and wild funky track that just gets you pumped and excited. This exact ‘effect’ is what the song intends to give off as the message behind the lyrics is telling us to not give up and push through the times of struggle and hardship (hence the title Fighting/Hwaiting – the Korean word for encouragement made popular by KPOP, Korean dramas and TV Shows). Again, the trio hit the mark in terms of expectations, delivering a fun and cheerful persona that helps liven and lighten up Fighting. There were some great vocal moments, especially that impressive high note at the end of the song and the energy they channel in the chorus. Fighting has catchy moments that just makes the song even better, such as the post-chorus hook that repeats the “Fighting” title and the ‘Na Na Na‘ that finds itself just ahead of the second verse. Lee Young Ji’s rapping was quite cool, and I felt it was a nice way to add a slightly more serious tone and keep Fighting grounded. I did think her part could have used a bit more bounce to just fit in better with the rest of Fighting. If I have to be critical, the one sequence that I am not exactly a fan of is the shouty rap pre-chorus sequence. The minimalistic vibe from this sequence just felt dull and the sequence really missed an opportunity to hype up the chorus and the song. Overall, Fighting is a fun track that delivers a positive message in the manner you would expect from BSS.

The music video for this comeback was super enjoyable. Firstly, I really liked the one set approach in this music video. Each set we get in this video is actually shot with another in the background or off to the side. For example, the bedroom location is right next to the coffee shop, while all of the sets of the music video appear in the background of the main choreography set (i.e. the street set). Not exactly a new idea, but what the producers did with this one set approach and how they tied the music video together to make it one cohesive video was super innovative in my books. Secondly, I enjoyed the energy that the members put into the video. They really made it funny and lighthearted. From their facial expressions to their actions with one another, it all made for a fun video. I also liked how the video ‘darkened’ for Lee Young Ji’s presence, which created a ‘serious tone’ to the video, which worked really well with the more ‘serious tone’ she brought to both the song.

I liked the comedic tone they inserted into the choreography, which helps keeps the performance true to their individual charms (and to their unit’s charm). From that, it was a fun routine that matches all of the characteristics you feel from the song. I really liked the first half of the “Fighting” routine of the choreography, which was probably the highlight of the entire choreography.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

[Review] Just Do It – BSS (SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN is keeping the momentum going for 2018 with another special subunit debut. BSS or Boo-Seok-Soon is made up of three members, and judging by their subunit name, you could guess is it made up of Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi. It is expected that with the three funny characters of SEVENTEEN in one subunit, there must be ‘fun’ written all over this single.

And if you too expected that, then the trio delivers with Just Do It. The song has this fun vibe to it, which makes it enjoyable to listen. Listening to the song, you just can’t help but smile, even if you don’t understand a single word that is coming out of their mouths. It just has that cheerful element that is extremely hard to not notice. Certain moments reminded me of EXO-CBX’s Hey Mama, which also had a similar level of fun to it. The song itself is super duper catchy with my feet just tapping along to it as I listen. The instrumental is rather standard, with pop vibes and electric guitars supplying some details to the song.  DK and Seungkwan, who are in the vocal unit of SEVENTEEN, do put on a display of their vocals and the smoothness that they deliver really suits the song. Interestingly,  Hoshi and Seungkwan share the rapping load in this song. Hoshi was expected but Seungkwan was rather unexpected (but he can definitely rap). Overall, the song was awesome to listen and something I would love to play again and again when I am in a good mood.

We don’t actually have a music video for this song. Instead, we are treated to a live performance (but the audio is studio recorded for the video) of the trio performing on stage at their recent official fan-meeting. I am a tiny bit disappointed because I was expecting a proper music video. So I am going to just review the performance here. I think it was awesome. While it doesn’t have flashy moves or crazy stunts, they manage to get the performance to do its intended job, be fun. Acting like the cool dude on the street that is always combing his hair and the running on the spot aren’t your everyday moves. But it is simple and seems like something that could catch on.

Song – 10/10
Music Video & Performance (because they are together) – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10