[Review] Carpet – Yesung (Super Junior) & Bumkey

It is time for another SM Station release. Season 3 started a few weeks back, rounding out with NCT Dream’s Candle Light. There was an SM Station release last week due to (and I assumed this) it being the first week of the new year. But now, SM Station is back with a collaboration between Yesung and Bumkey. The song, Carpet, was released on Thursday of this week, which is the new designated day for all SM Station releases.

Carpet is an R&B ballad combo that endeavours the two genres that the collaborators are widely known for (Yesung commonly sings ballads, while Bumkey is an R&B rapper). Both do a splendid job within the song with nothing to say negatively. The harmonies are also quite beautiful. They also create a wonderful atmosphere that I think is best described as touching. I also noticed that there is a slight jazz infleunce, partly due to the piano, which could also be described as soothing. If you don’t understand the lyrics of the song straight off the bat (like a certain person – a.k.a. me), you can tell that there is an emotive drive to the song, which already sets the scene. But the music video (more on this later) and the title of the song got me rather intrigued, so I looked up the lyrics of the song. It seems the lyrics of the song are in the perspective of the small rug that has been through everything with someone, personifying it to be like a good friend to rely on and cry on – if needed.

And with the meaning of the song in hand, I think the video does an amazing job of visualising this message. The carpet has been with this young lady for many years. From her childhood, she played on it. From her adolescent, she read books on it. She also had breakups on it. But as she grew older, she moved away and the carpet was put into storage and somehow made it to the market. And during one of her shopping expeditions, the young female comes across the rug, which is instantly identified due to the presence of an orange juice stain that she caused back in her younger years, And to further fit the lyrics, we see the carpet wrapping itself around her to comfort her. A well put together music video.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

FxxK U – Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) ft. Bumkey

Source: http://annyeongeurope.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Bildschirmfoto-2014-01-27-um-22.06.56.png

Probably the most problematic song at the moment. Gain, the maknae of hot band Brown Eyed Girls, is back with a new mini album. She has been known for her many other singles including Bloom and Irreversible. Now she is back and once again is making headlines for her new pre release single. Though, she officially made her comeback yesterday, I only started to review her songs today, so… Anyway. Why is this song making headlines, I hear you ask… Try rereading the title. I don’t think any other song in this world (exaggeration here) is titled as “FxxK U”. And like every other person, I became surprised from the title. Always knew that Gain would go for the edgy type of comeback, but never thought it was that far.

This song is pretty amazing. Actually, so amazing, I think it is much better than her title track at this very moment. Now, as I said above, I would not have expected the song title of this song, and neither did I expect her to dress the f-bomb throughout the song like that. But hey, it was a song, and I liked it. Her husky voice really matches this song and it gives more meaning to the song every time she swears. Hahaha… The only complaint I have was that every time she did drop the f-bomb, she was kind shaky. I did not take her that seriously, and every time she swears, I have to giggle. I wonder if she even knows what the word means? Anyway, her duet with Bumkey is really good. I always thought he was a rapper, but he has a pretty good singing voice. I also like how at the end, she changes from the FxxK U to Love You, which really adds that extra meaning to the video. Overall, the song was quite nice and pretty amazing.

As for the music video, is it getting hot in here? No, cause I think I witnessed the first KPOP video with the most steamiest make out scene. And I though Trouble Maker’s Now was bad, this just takes things to a whole new level. Like that one was passionate. This one, they are fighting while doing it. Like the guy has his head between the Gain’s legs. Like wow, great way to start. Something did trouble me. They were getting ready, but the moment they have eye contact, Gain just pushes away. Like you’re not drunk, why is it taking out that slow to make a decision to enjoy yourself or walk away? Now, the ending is a little confusing. Did she kill the guy? Or did he kill her? What is with the blood thing? Why is that there? Also the shower curtain scene, looked a lot like the Human Centipede. No, just me?

9/10. I liked this song more than her new song. But her new title track is still pretty good in my books. But the amount of censorship with this song is already so large, I don’t know what is happening anymore.