[Review] Bad Blood – DaHye

Over the last few months, we have glossed over the solo debut (and comeback) of DaHye, who was a former member of BESTie. This is one group we have heard for a while. The last review I have down for them was Excuse Me in 2015. It has been indirectly confirmed that the group had disbanded by 2018, with U.Ji and Dahye leaving the group in 2017 and Hyeyeon making her solo debut in 2018 (another solo debut that I have missed). DaHye made her solo debut back in October with a cover of Uhm Jung Hwa’s infamous single, Poison. Earlier this month, she returned with Bad Blood (the focus of this review).

The dramatic violins and electric guitar that start off this song really pulls you in. Bad Blood from the get-go is very dramatic and suspenseful. The entire introductory sequence then moves into the background of the instrumentation, allowing DaHye to enters with what I would describe as a very creepy-esque vocals that fits the dramatic and suspenseful vibes of the song that are maintained in the verse. The song starts to build when it gets to the pre-chorus, with the piano coming into play. The chorus comes next and it has really memorable melodies. I really liked the huskiness her voice brings to the melody, making the listening experience so much better. What I also really enjoyed was the mild electronic influence. In a time where synths dominate songs, the violins and guitars remain the dominating element of the instrumentation and not the synths. The second verse is more so the same, with a bit more of that synth influence in the mix. The stripping of the instrumentation to just have the piano remain was pretty clever, complimenting the creepiness I mentioned before. It also allows a for the dance break that follows to be intensified. What saves Bad Blood from borderline consistency are those really screechy violins in the dance break. They are quite unsettling, but they go well with the song’s tone. I would have liked one more ‘final chorus’ to really bring this song to an end. Or at least a even more dramatic ending to give the song some closure. But apart from that, Bad Blood is a song that made me go wow.

The music video would have benefited if there was some sort of vampire-like concept in it. But DaHye’s company probably isn’t the most loaded company out there at the moment, so I understand they had to make do with what they had. That being said, Bad Blood‘s music video ticks a lot of boxes. DaHye does a really good job of showcasing that creepy side throughout the video via her charismatic stares. I mean that whole sequence just prior to the second chorus pretty much sums up this horror concept. I also really liked how there was a contrast with the lighting and the darkness of the set. Likewise, the white outfits and the darkness of the set; and the black outfits with the lighting.

The choreography is pretty good. I liked the sensual nature of the routine. Not sure about the red sticks with the red strips of fabric. I guess they do add a splash of colour to the performance. I feel like the performance could have gone for some more horror-esque, yet still keep that sensual feel. I reckon that would be a unique stage concept as I think only limited female soloists have done it before.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10