[Review] Still – DKB

It is time for another review and it is time to zone into a relatively new group. I am talking about DKB, who made their comeback a few weeks ago with Still, the lead title track from their second mini-album, LOVE. But who is DKB? Well, I haven’t reviewed them yet, so I am not sure myself. Based on some research. DKB is a nine-member male group currently under Brave Entertainment. They made their debut back in February this year with Sorry Mama (which I have yet to review). While I will get to writing that review some time in the future, let’s not delay a review for the group just because I am not going in chronological order.

Still opens up with the strumming of some electric guitars before a beat is infused into the song. And I quite like this. The song pushes along was we near the end of the verse, with promise of a somewhat decent drop. What we are given instead is a slightly amplified instrumental of what we have heard so far, a lackluster hook and a really whiny synth that I am just not digging. We then launch into a hip-hop based instrumental sequence for the rappers, before the rest of the song is a repeat of what we have heard thus far. The only saving grace in the instrumental for me is the bridge, when the song brings in a set of clashing synths. It drew my attention in more a moment and it really cuts into the song’s airy and unfilled nature. So far, everything has felt very consistent and typical. This is an example of when the song could have used some additional textures and energy to give it some zing and life. I think the vocal work and rapping was a strong point of the song. Though, I felt the filtering and auotune on some of the members just degrades it slightly and this lessen the impact of the song’s direction. I felt like the producers were going for a refined touch to hip-hop and I quite like that idea. Still just doesn’t execute it properly and doesn’t have much going on to make it memorable.

As for the music video, I liked its minimalist vibes and simplicity. This was aimed for in the song but it came off as something different. Visually, the group nailed with the simple background and coloured lights. Some scenes felt slightly over-saturated, which I wasn’t a fan of. But the rest of the video was quite good. As we enter through the second chorus, the video got a little more complicated with water on the floor, computerized rain and some strong editing from post-production. And I thought it was a good progression, as we could have been easily been bored with the same coloured lighting and white background if it was put together right. Overall, a pretty good video.

The group opens up the performance with a very sharp movements in the opening sequence. Unfortunately, their performance didn’t really have any impressive moments. There was some good formations and those sharp movements and synchronization continued throughout the performance, which are undeniably good signs for any up and coming groups.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.8/10