Lovekiller – Niel (Teen Top) ft. Dok2

Niel, the main vocalist of the boy band, Teen Top has officially made his solo debut. He did release a pre-release at the end of January, titled as Affogato, which I didn’t hear about. Also, to launch his solo career, he was a part of the new TV show 4 Things Show, which (I believe) talks about the personal life of the stars. On top of that, he also used his members C.A.P and L.Joe in this mini album and also had Dok2 feature in his title track. I believe his solo debut has been talked about for some time, with rumours originating since last year on forums that I have been silently reading. Yes, I do that. I can never be motivated to create an account though.

The soft guitar sounds open up the song for us. We then proceed to get Niel’s vocals which are quite husky. I never thought that Niel would have a husky voice, but now he does. So for the first part of the song and the first chorus, we got this RnB kind of sound that actually matched the lyrics quite well. Afterwards, the song changed up a little. We started to get more of an electronic beat and more modern sound. Not complaining, though, as I quite liked the change between the two and how they manage to go well together. The rapping was pretty good (why am I even commenting on that part, Dok2 is always good). I just don’t like that pause right afterwards and the sounds that Niel makes immediately after the pause. Why did the song just have to stop there for that 1 second? Also, I don’t like the background vocals for the chorus. It felt awkward and kind of made me cringe.

I don’t know why I find many videos boring nowadays. This one is between boring and good though. We see Niel rock up in a van on a really rainy day. And then we get shots of him dancing by himself in the tunnel, with cuts to his model girlfriend, played by Yoo Seung Ok. We get flashbacks to the happy times. The music video does go back to the lyrics though which is quite good. When he sings “When you don’t pick up” (something like that, not 100% translation, maybe just 50%), they have scenes regarding mobile phones and etc. When the song picks up and starts to transform, we change to a different set of Las Vegas style signage. I don’t get the connection, but I actually liked that set a lot. Also the tunnel with the lights was pretty cool as well. The music video was quite dark and I am guessing that represents heartbreak and sorrow.

This dance has references to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. When I heard that, I was surprised and excited. Just, there was no “man leaning at impossible angle” move. I was very disappointed in that though. I found that his moves seemed much smoother. With the clicks in the instrumental, I was expecting some kind of sharp movement. But anyway, the dance was pretty amazing. I know Teen Top does mad dances, but I think they should try this style out. It looks very cool.

Overall, a pretty nice track. The music video was so so. The dance was well polished and professional looking. 7/10

Your Story – Kim Hyun Joong ft. DOK2


Kim Hyun Joong recently made his comeback with his pre released single, Unbreakable, and his title song from his third mini album, Your Story. The hip hop sensation, DOK2, also featured in this song and also did feature in his previous single, Break Down. This song is completely different to Unbreakable, this one being a more emotional song and the other a more powerful song. The song reconnects the audience with the RnB feel, a style that Kim Hyun Joong has yet gone for. Now, I have something to say, but is another song from this mini album charting higher than this particular song or am I just misreading stuff? I think I am misreading, because it makes no sense. I checked MNet online charts, and Kim Hyun Joong’s Let’s Party was voted on top of all songs, not Your Story or Unbreakable.

Anyway, I really did not like the song. I enjoyed Lucky Guy, Kiss Kiss, Please, but this song was just so boring for me. I really do prefer Unbreakable, if I had to choose between the two songs, and I did not like Unbreakable that much either. This seems to be a different side of the singer that is not that appealing. Well, the girls are all swooning over him, squealing on top of their lungs when they hear him, but as a guy and not a fangirl (or boy) of Kim Hyun Joong, I found the song lacking in colour and emotion, The song is meant to be emotional and all of that, but it did not appeal to me as I thought it would. The song was quite too slow for me and there was no impact to the song. It is not catchy. I found the “Your Story, Your Story” part really annoying and the chorus felt really dead. Basically the song was black and white for me and the vocals really did not fit the feel of the song. Overall, really disappointed.

Wow, what a steamy music video. Yeah, beside that, the music video consisted of a guy walking down a beach and singing on a random stage on the beach. Nothing great from the video. Another black and white, plain feeling that lacks a lot of detail. I honestly agree with the others. The presence of the girl adds nothing to the video and only keeps perverts watching the music video. They are either appealing to the pervert population of the KPOP world, with the overused “scene” and fangirls, with the overused shirtless Kim Hyun Joong. Oh why do I feel like I am going to die and a bunch of ‘Henecias’ are going to be at my door tomorrow. Must keep my profile low.

There is no dance as far as I am concerned. Well, there are some parts of the dance, but it is not overally that great, He does dance the most when it is not his turn to sing, but really, he spends most of the time at the microphone.

1/10. Sorry. I really tried to be fair, but really was disappointed. Here is my question for you all. Which song did you like better: Unbreakable or Your Story? Or maybe another song off his new mini album? I prefer Let’s Party than these two songs. I have linked both songs down below in the playlist. Enjoy.