Zutter – GD&TOP (Big Bang)

Another Big Bang review. This time. the song was not released by Big Bang, but it served as the comeback for the popular duo GD & TOP. For those who don’t know, GD & T.O.P formed their subunit in 2011 and made their subunit debut back in the distant 2010. That was five years ago. Like, we age pretty quickly.  Out of all the subunits to date in the whole of KPOP, I don’t think any subunit had surpassed the popularity of this subunit to date. They debuted with Oh Yeah, High High and Knock Out. Since then, we never saw the subunit again as they focused on regrouping Big Bang and a lot of solo work.

I was never a fan of the whole GD&TOP album and the songs on there weren’t that great in my opinion. I feel like I’ve seen better days with the duo than that album. So when I heard that they would be returning, I just groaned. But after so long, I thought they would branch off to a new genre (as their new album has been hinting at). But I was very surprised. This song, at least to me, mirrors their song, Knock Out. This song is much more subtle though. It does, however, have a more edgier sound and a more chilled vibe. I think this song can definitely come and go with trends.  The song is a lot catchier than Let’s Not Fall In Love, but then again it is really stupid to compare this song with a ballad. This song has it perks. Sounds a like a title track (see yesterday’s review) and it is a nice “pick me up” from the groups ballads and slow songs. I would listen to it continuously, no. I am already bored of it.

Lemme take a 3 minute toilet break. Hahahaha… Well… 3 minutes toilet break and they were probably still going. And it seems like they have been holding it in for quite sometime.  And it nice to see them close. Like very close. Like “let me check your dick” close. And also “let’s pee all over the toilets” close. Hahahaha… To me, it either looks like a remake of the Hangover series (without the waking up part and the hangover part as well)  or a terrible Chinese Mafia oriented story. Yeah, once again they show their wild side in this music video. It seems like G-Dragon is addicted to gambling in this video and T.O.P is some sick killer. But nevertheless, the ending shows how the two, from different worlds, can have fun and a nice dance off. Hehehe… T.O.P’s “I must try” dance vs. G-Dragon’s “zoned out dance”.

It is nice that they incorporated some of their amazing (this is a T.O.P reference) dancing skills in the performances. Yeah, there really is not much of a dance beside the fact that they can become crazy just about everywhere.

Nice song, out of this world video and Bingu TOP is always there to embarrass his colleagues. 8.5/10