Crosswalk – Jo Kwon (2AM)

Jo Kwon has made his solo comeback after 4 years. His first ever solo song was I’m Da One, released back in 2012. He has joined 2AM in a comeback since then, in both Korea and Japan. He is the only member to remain at JYP Entertainment after contracts between the other members and JYP Entertainment ended, hence putting the band in hiatus mode for the past year. Nonetheless, he has decided to continue on with JYP, with this solo release.

One of the few songs which I have not heard of yet, so everything I write today is based on initial thoughts. This time he has returned with a pretty nice ballad. His vocals really suit the ballad genre (and I guess that is why he is apart of 2AM and 2AM is so good at the genre). When he first sang, I almost did not recognise his voice, but I managed to as he continued. The ballad was neither too fast or too slow. Just at the perfect speed so I could detect the emotion that was pouring out of his voice. The lyrics are quite nice and the way the song present the lyrics with Jo Kwon’s vocals is superb. Overall, I think this has the potential to be a perfect song. Not exactly sure how it is going on the charts, but damn, this is one good song.

The video features the one and only Suho from EXO. It is quite funny, but I have read some comments on YouTube, that said that they went to watch Suho, but instead fell for the song straight away. The power of Jo Kwon’s vocals. Okay, about the video. I think it is a very beautiful video. We see the couple break up and Suho walks off the cross walk. But a little later on, the video screen splits into two and there forms two scenarios. Suho either continues with the break up, or goes running back (and hence regretting his decision). One obviously ended up in tears while the other ended up with smiles. I have to compliment and praise Suho’s acting in this video. It is so good, you could see the emotion in his acting (and it is not as cringe worthy as some Korean actors). Love the cross walk effect that appears in the sad part of the video. I think it makes it seem like sad Suho still has a chance to turn back, as the crosswalk that the two were one extended for that one opportunity, until it faded away. Also love the black and white feel.

Needless to say, I think you all know what is coming next. 10/10


I’m Da One – Jo Kwon


I absolutely fell in love with this song when I first heard it. It was catchy, it was upbeat and technically, it deserve more than one award. There was nothing wrong with the song (well, exaggeration here, I will explain later). Though it is quite different for him to have an upbeat, happy, light hearted yet meaningful song since 2AM normally does Ballads, or actual sad dance songs, I was quite surprised that he pulled the song off quite well. It is a really good song to listen to. I was not that confident in his album. Beside this song, I really liked Heaven, but the rest, I felt it was kind of bland and not as outgoing as Jo Kwon is portrayed on TV shows.

The only thing I must say about this song, is that it has the worse pronunciation mistake, or what I think it is, ever. When Jo Kwon goes Girls, Girls, Girls and Boys, Boys, Boys, it sounded like a whole different language. It sounded much different than Korean, but did not match with another language. So yeah, that bothered me, but beside that, it was a good song.

Music Video

This music video on the other hand was good, but quite cliché. I mean, like from the start you could tell that the Jo Kwon’s assistant or “manager” wants to overthrow Jo Kwon, with the help of the storybook, since most fairy-tales would be told the same way. Also when the poster of the “manager” is put up, and with the rain. darkness and snow, you knew automatically that the newer poster would fall and Jo Kwon’s face would appear.

However, despite the cliché start and middle, I was quite surprised with the ending. The “manager” either grew bored of having power or kind of just went blanked, while in power and just handed the crown over to Jo Kwon. Though I was like “eh”, I was surprised, since, and I must admit, the music video was slowly building up to its climax, and then it just went straight down, in the worst story form ever.

Anyway, I love the fact that Ga-In was in the video. It was not that hard to find her was it?

Live Performance

I found the dance kind of boring, and not appealing. The music was upbeat, the music video was great, but then the dance just sucked. I agree with 2AM when they said they looked awkward when dancing n stage, Jo Kwon was definitely awkward on stage without the others.

And The Rating?

7.5/10. Sorry, but the music video, song and performance’s flaws were kind of big. Sorry.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance Here:

Music Video Here: