[Review] Headache – Moon Jongup ft. YUNHWAY

B.A.P is a group with a lot of wasted potential. This is something that I will continually remind you time and time again, so that they are not forgotten like other defunct, inactive or disbanded groups. A group comeback, even though promised by some members, seems like something that won’t happen any time soon. Since the start of 2019, B.A.P have gone their separate ways and embarked on solo careers. The latest member to join this movement is Jongup, who returned as a solo artist four weeks ago with Headache. The song also features YUNHWAY, who participated in Show Me The Money 8 last year.

Headache is a funky pop number that had this infectious feel good and easygoing vibe to it, which is quite pleasant. To me, Headache‘s energy is the main star of the song. It was gladly not compromised with any instrumental breakdowns or musical change ups (like mashup of different genres into one song or slow downs). Even when YUNHWAY joins in for a rap sequence, the song doesn’t change too much and maintains the energy. Her voice is rather unique. She brought a nasally yet light tone to the song and her sequence goes for an optimal amount of time (not sure if it would have had the same effect if it went for any longer). In a way, the song felt monotone. But this singular tonal approach paid off greatly. I am quite surprised and unsure why I put off writing this review. Jongup brings a nice voice to the party and helps makes the song’s melodies and hooks be more approachable and catchy. While he was more known for his dancing skills during group promotions, Jongup has definitely improved during his absence from the music industry in 2019. It would have been nice if his voice had a little more colour to it, to give it that much needed oomph. But Headache was a very nice and laid back song, overall. Oh, and in no way does the song feel headache inducing. It is just the feeling he gets when he thinks of his crush.

Jongup becomes playful in the music video when making his move on the waitress from the local cafe. That is essentially the music video summarised in the one sentence. There were a few things I noted while watching the video, though. It actually features YUNHWAY, which is a fantastic part of the music video. Many times the promotional material (including the music video) does not feature the the featuring artist when it should. Always a pity when that doesn’t happen. I also like when Jongup dances with his ‘crush’ in the music video. The flaw of the music video has to be the mistry filter, while dull the viewing experience.

While Jongup had this more carefree and easygoing vibe in the performance, I don’t think it is his most impressive performance to date. That probably will be attributed to one of the B.A.P stages from the past. With a song like this, there is a lot of smiles and energy infused into the performance, which made it very appealing to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

[Double Review] Shadow – Daehyun (B.A.P) + Try My Luck – Jongup (B.A.P)

B.A.P has caught us off guard with the release of a project album, which features tracks from Daehyun and Jongup. I know their promotions for the project album has ended, but better late than never. I have also decided to go with a different layout for this double review, but it will remain the same as any other double review (all parts will be shorter in length).

Shadow – Daehyun ft. Zelo (B.A.P)


Daehyun is my favourite member from B.A.P and to hear that he finally has a solo song makes me so happy. And he delivered with a RnB styled song. His vocals go hand-in-hand with the style. I actually preferred his live performance version (without the rapping), where you hear his vocals only. Zelo does do a good job, but it felt disconnected from the rest of the song. The same can be said in regards to the bridge of the song. It also felt different from the rest of the song. The song does not build up to a satisfying level, which leaves it hanging, in my opinion. Nor it is memorable as a whole. It also lacked having that punch or impact. There were catchy parts, but they seem minor compared to the rest of the song. Overall, it may sound like I dislike the song but in reality, it is more that I am on the fence.

The performance was good. I feel like the song could have fitted a more mysterious concept, but it delivered in giving Daehyun the chance to show some polished moves and a chance to showcase his vocals. I think in the end, they went with a more stylish concept, which was great as well.

Song – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

Try My Luck – Jongup (B.A.P)


I have mentioned in every review since B.A.P’s return that Jongup’s vocal abilities have vastly improved. And this song is all the proof that you need. While it doesn’t feature mind blowing vocals that Daehyun has, Jongup does a really good job. He seemed to have elongated his “Try My Luck” to make it sound longer and his high notes just shocked me. It also seems like he tries rapping in the song and that too sounds amazing. The song itself also fits into the RnB domain. I think the correct word to describe the song is ‘smoky’. It’s very smooth overall and there is a nice melodic flow, which I don’t think Daehyun’s song had. I am quite sure the smoothness and melodic flow were present to accommodate his performance. Overall, I think this is a great song that showcases the already present and improved skills of the artist.

I said the song had a smoother and stylish sound, which made his overall performance so much better. It definitely showcases his dancing abilities really well and make it a worthwhile performance to watch.

Song – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10