Wet – Joo Young ft. Superbee

Such a steamy comeback. Joo Young is offically back with a brand new mini album. For those who don’t remember, Joo Young made his debut under Starship Entertainment last year with Hyorin from Sistar. They released Erase at the end of the year. I haven’t heard lots from Joo Young. However he has been busy on Starship’s new boy group survival show at the start of the year. He has also released songs with some of the trainees as well, some of who I assumed debuted as Monsta X members. I also know he released a duet with Kisum just a few months ago. Now the song has been out for a while now, but the music video was just released, so I was like “why not?”. If there was no music video, it was likely that I have forgotten that he had came back.

This song is pretty good. Off the first listen, I was really surprised by his smooth yet husky vocals. His vocals are really amazing with this type of RNB type songs. This particular song is pretty slow but it quite soothing to listen to. Superbee’s rap is pretty solid as well. It went well with the song and Joo Young as well. This song has so much potential, but no promotions. I don’t know if the song got banned (would not be surprised, mainly because of those dirty thoughts I have been getting from this song). When this song and the music video come hand in hand, I get a sense that he is not talking about wanting an actual umbrella. If you know what I mean ;). But the “wet, wet, wet. I need an umbrella” line for some reason throws me back to when Rihanna came out with Umbrella (eh eh eh).

Yeah, so the music video. Well that was steamy. We get steamy Joo Young in the video. Probably was a little too much for some fan girls to handle. Hahaha… Though I do find him handsome. But the whole reason why I am reviewing this song (Sorry Joo Young), is the fact that Bora is in it. Now, I don’t want to take the lime light away from the artist who sings the song, but damn Bora. That was some hot stuff. Anyway, it seems like the two had something going on in the music video. They did not look awkward at all and they looked as if it normal for them to be singing pretty close to each other.

Short review today. Now Joo Young needs a better promotional cycle and also more releases. Don’t know why the company is neglecting a stand out artist like him. 9/10

Erase – Joo Young & Hyorin (Sistar)

Starship Entertainment, this year, has released various collaboration between their actual company and a smaller company that they own, known as Starship X. Such collaborations include Soyou and JungGiGo’s Some, Hyorin and Mad Clown’s Without You and now the newest member of the entertainment company’s family, Joo Young and Hyorin with Erase.

This song channels the RnB feels that we don’t really find usually in KPOP. Though, Starship X is more focused on the hip hop, I find this style to just be a normal RnB song that I grew up with. Before sex, money and drugs entered the American industry, this was the type of song that I grew up with and this is the type of songs that I am going to miss. Their vocals are really good. Their vocals seem to go hand in hand. I won’t say this song is catchy or addictive, but I enjoyed listening to it. However, there is this thing with the chorus that is making it get stuck in my head. The song talked about getting rid of memories of each other. Overall, I liked the song.

The music video is pretty interesting and actually has a pretty solid plot line to it. So the run down of this is: the two have broken up and have gone their separate ways. They try to erase memories so they can move on to another person and form a new relationship. Such as illustrated by the scene where Hyorin and the bartender flirt (or just share a laugh). However, the actual ex partner  turns up and sits on the opposite end, and both end up remembering the past. The second Hyorin comes in to represent the past and past Hyorin sits next to Joo Young. Then the video ends. That by far is really smart and really pulled me in. The darkness of the video also channels the RnB feels, but also the darkness of breaking up.

The dance is okay. Pretty “sexy” in Korean terms. Especially, the part where Hyorin starts to rub Joo Young’s thighs. And where she also rubs his lips.

Overall, this is a pretty good debut/comeback.  Of course it was a hit, because all of these collaborations within Starship are becoming widely popular and I guess we just have to wait to see which singers will be coming together for the next Starship collaboration. 8.1/10