[Review] be free – KB (OnlyOneOf)

I end the week of long of reviews focusing on solo comebacks and debuts with a focus on OnlyOneOf and the solo works that the group has been pumping out monthly since June of this year. For those who were not aware, OnlyOneOf embarked on a undergrOund idOl project, where each member releases a single each month. First up was YooJung with the single begin. Following that release, KB makes his solo debut with be free, which came out in July. be free is followed by releases from JunJi Rie. Mill and Nine’s releases will come out in November and December, and I will be reviewing those once they come out. Aside from solo work, we last saw OnlyOneOf through their skinz promotions earlier in the year and more recently their second Japanese single Zurui Onna.

Given the moodier release of YooJung’s begin, I was quite surprised of the likes of be free. Obviously, there is no rules when it comes to solo releases (let alone this undergrOund idOl project), so the expectation that be free by KB would fall in line with begin was completely unjustified on my end. be free goes for a funkier pop release, which I am completely down for. The energy that is exuded from be free is a complete stand out for me. It is the type of track that I would not mind having a boogie to, regardless what I am doing. be free also comes off as straightforward and no-nonsense, as a result of this energy, tackling that funky vibe from the very first second through to the final second of the three and a quarter minutes be free spans for. The guitar work in this song was just on point, bringing both that funky and a bass element to the song. Again, this does wonder for the song, giving it depth and dimension that helps makes be free feel more immersive. The chorus was super duper catchy, and I would not mind having it on repeat constantly. I liked the vocal work, with the filtering that comes through in the chorus giving be free more zing and texture, which further makes the chorus feel appealing and fun. We do get a bit of a taster towards some rapping in the bridge of be free, and I wished the song built on this a bit further. I think a rap sequence, as dynamic to the rest of the song, would have taken be free to the next level. Overall, an instantaneous highlight from the project (even though we are just two songs in) that just makes me want to dance.

For those who missed the breakdown of the first video of the project, YooJung’s character developed a crush on KB’s character, but was hesitant in making a move. KB, on the other hand as depicted in this video, is a lot more open (which further supports the theory that YooJung’s character was closeted, whilst KB’s character was open/out of closet/confident). We see KB return to YooJung after that drunken night, but for some reason also appears to be hesitant about making a move (I think we find a reason later on). We then find out that KB constantly returns to to the restaurant in the past for YooJung himself and finally decides to make a move one night. This leads to the beginning of a relationship between the pair. However, after a night together, KB decides to leave, with the description of the music video on YouTube citing that he does not want to be hurt again (and I believe we find out why in the next video – JunJi’s be mine). YooJung is left alone, feeling confused at the end. I find the role that lighting plays in the video to be interesting. Just an observation, but KB appears to be cautious and hesitant in the night time (possibly as a result to be being hurt at night in the past), and is a lot more clear-headed during the day time. This may have lead him to collect his feelings that leads him to leave YooJung, whereas his desire to be with YooJung appears to only come about at night (Note that when he notices the crane after his drunken night, he does immediately search out YooJung – that only occurs at night). Overall, an interesting story that definitely comes together in this video, but the ending was a bit hurtful in my opinion.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10