Domino Game – Kiss&Cry

Lets move along to another new band. This is the first female rookie group of 2014 which I will be reviewing and it seems like this group is being a hit. Kiss&Cry is a group under Winning Insight, which is home to the boy group Mr.Mr. There are 4 members of the group including BoHye, Dia, Haena, Soyumi. BoHye, Dia, Soyumi in the past had already debuted into various groups and going solo, while Haena is the only “new” person in the group to the industry. It seems, from the love they are getting, can quite popular. Honestly, I would have overlooked this group, but I decided to do a review because it is probably the first KPOP girl group this year who did not focus on the sexy concept (minus Sunny Hill).

This group has such strong vocals. I am so surprised with the song. I thought it was going to be some kind of boring crappy song that many girl groups debut with, but it turns out to be a pretty cool song. Though the rapping is quite bad, I am not going to complain. This band reminds of Yell.O.w from last year. That band had good vocals as well, but an absolutely crappy music video and 1 or 2 performances. The instrumental is like an army kind of beat to it, which sounds pretty good, which shows a more dominant side for the girls but it seems to be portrayed in a more upbeat way. Honestly, when I read the translated lyrics I kind of get confused about what they are talking about. It seems to be a mish mash of English lyrics, but I guess it would make more sense in Korean.

When I mentioned about the non-usage of the sexy concept, I may have lied. Re-watching the music video, there is a hint of sexy in there, but not as strong to call it a “sexy concept” and hence preventing a repeat of the events of the same story for the past 3 weeks with the girl groups. I think I may need to ban the word “sexy” altogether. You can tell that this music video is quite low budget with the camera. Not being picky here. but Mr.Mr had decent music videos and were filmed with what seems to be a more professional camera rather than a handheld crappy one. Yeah. the sets can be worked on, but hey, every rookie band must go through the same sets before they becoming big. But despite that, it was an alright video. Not much of a plot in it, but I am still completely confused about the whip that girl was holding. Hmmm….

Honestly, the dance is quite boring for me. There really is not much to comment on with this dance. However, I guess they make up in the vocal department since they sound pretty flawless in their performances.

6.5/10. Not too bad for a debut. I think it is time to turn on my radar and keep this band in the memory bank. Hahahahaha…. I am so funny. Not.