[Review] beat – Mill (OnlyOneOf)

Late last year, I started to review the undergrOund idOl series from OnlyOneOf, a series that focused on each of the OnlyOneOf members individually, while every two music videos were intertwined with one another. At the time of writing the reviews, I had reviewed all four songs that were already released at the time, including Yoojung’s begin, KB’s be free, JunJi’s be mine and Rie’s because. Today, I return to review the fifth release of the series, Mill’s beat, which was released at the end of November 2022. And I am hoping either this weekend or the next week, I will also review sixth and final release of the series – Nine’s beyOnd.

Mill is OnlyOneOf’s resident main rapper, so I expected that his solo song would be geared towards showing off more of this side of him. And beat did just that. Compared to the previous songs we have heard in the series, beat is more upbeat, intense and dynamic, tapping into hip-hop influences and abrasive synths. I really liked how the producers roughened up Mill’s raps, adding the textures of beat and compliment the instrumental. This ultimately gave beat a crunchier exterior, which I actually quite enjoyed. Mill’s raps are delivered in a shoutier manner to usual rap based songs. But I personally do not mind this, as it just made beat feel more lively and adds to that dynamic factor. His vocals were also quite good. What makes beat more appealing is the grooviness we get in the choruses, which makes everything a lot more palatable and fits it into the current trends we have been seeing in KPOP. The groove also gave beat a unique profile and interesting character. I quite enjoyed everything that beat had to offer. But if I were to say something constructive about beat, it would be the fact I wished it went in harder. However, I completely understand why the producers didn’t do this, as this would have completely derailed the efforts of the undergrOund idOl and become ill-fitting with the rest of the series. Despite this, I would still like to hear an amped up version in the future, as I can totally imagine the song in such a light.

The music video focuses on a relationship that comes about in the school yard. Nine is a new student at the school that Mill goes to. Since coming over, Nine has been saving Mill from being picked on/bullied and a subtle friendship blooms between the pair. But Mill is a shy character, so he doesn’t exactly hang out with Nine, preferring to watch him from afar. But Mill is caught by his bullies, who make his time at school hard, especially since they realize that Mill has become quite infatuated with Nine. One day after school, Mill is dragged away from school by his bullies, but Nine stumbles upon them, attacks one of the bullies and runs away with Mill from them. The bullies give chase after the pair, but the pair quickly loses the bullies and (I think) this cements their friendship. One night, however, Mill is waiting outside in the cold (presumably for Nine). The latter comes up to Mill at their meet-up location, bloodied and bruised. Why this is the case, we don’t know until we watch the music video for Nine’s beyOnd. Like the other videos, the other members make a brief appearance, with KB acting as the teacher and the other three members play basketball with Nine.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10