Naturally, the night I decided to take off (yesterday) had multiple comebacks. But don’t worry, I will (slowly) get around to them! First up (and I will explain why I chose this one to be first up from yesterday’s options for a review) is OMEGA X’s PLAY DUMB, which is the title track off their 1st studio length album. This is the group’s first comeback that I am reviewing since their debut with VAMOS last year, Story Written In Music. However, OMEGA X has had two comebacks since their debut which I have yet to cover including What’s Goin’ On and Love Like This, both of which will be reviewed in some form in the future. As for now, here is my review for their third comeback track, PLAY DUMB.

Out of all the releases from the 15 June 2022, PLAY DUMB was my favourite. And it was so for a very simple reason – it was fun and had strong ‘feel-good’ vibes which I needed after a long day. PLAY DUMB isn’t an innovative pop song, but it also doesn’t feel like a straight up copy of another bright and vibrant pop song from the top of my head (though one could say it is similar to other songs of an equivalent nature and I wouldn’t disagree with them). In addition to the vibes that I already mentioned, I found PLAY DUMB to have lively but also pleasant instrumental, stepping away from the heaviness that synths that we hear so often nowadays. I love the funky vibes that the guitar brought to the post-chorus hook. PLAY DUMB also features a strong showing of vocals and raps from the members, which is always appreciable. It also contains some decent hooks and melodies which I thought tied the song together really well. I really enjoyed the inclination of the pre-choruses, which helped drive up the energy of PLAY DUMB to make the chorus even better. There was something about the melody and the instrumental combination that worked really well and attracted my attention towards the song. I do think PLAY DUMB would have benefited from a more centric hook or melody for the actual chorus sequence, just to drive up the memorable factor of the song. But the hooks and melodies we did get in the song still works fine. Overall, PLAY DUMB is definitely a fun release, with its vibrant and brightness suitable for the Summer season.

Listening to the song, the accompanying music video had to fulfil one criterion for me to be considered successful – be fun. And I feel like that was nailed perfectly. The members looked like they were having a blast with one another and there were some funny scenes throughout. I also like the vivid colours of the video, which just works extremely well in bringing out that vibrancy from the song. If you missed the concept that was consistently present from start to end, it is just tennis. The sport was the pure focus of the video (aside from laughs and having fun). I did wonder what happened to the massive tennis ball that featured at the start of the video (the one that came crashing into Earth, put on displayed and subsequently stolen by one of the members so they can sketch it). I thought that whole ‘plotline’ was a bit of fun and would have liked it to make some sort of reappearance in the video at the end or something. it just disappearing didn’t make sense to me, and I am a bit disappointed by that.

The choreography was nice and worked well with the fun and energetic side of the song. I liked the refreshing vibes the members brought to the stage. I would have liked more bounce to the choreography (I think the song calls for this), but what we got was perfectly fine!

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

[Review] VAMOS – OMEGA X

Next up this weekend is OMEGA X, which is a fairly recent debut (two weeks ago, actually). OMEGA X launches their career with the single VAMOS and mini-album which shares the same name. What makes OMEGA X’s debut interesting is that the members of the group are all former members of groups that unfortunately never took off. It is quite disappointing to hear that some of these groups are now defunct or disbanded, as they released catchy and great tracks back when they were active. OMEGA X’s lineup include Hangyeom (former member of Seven O’Clock), Jaehan (former member of Spectrum), Hwichan (former member of LIMITLESS), Sebin (former member of SNUPER), Taedong (former member of pre-debut group GIDONGDAE), Xen and Jehyun (both of which former members of 1TEAM), Kevin, Junghoon and Hyuk (all former members of ENOi) and Yechan (former member of 1THE9). Let’s see if VAMOS has what it takes to relaunch their careers once again.

VAMOS (which is ‘go’ in Spanish) is a pretty plain song. And this would be troublesome for a debut song (let alone a redebut for the case of OMEGA X). It features an repetitive instrumentation and lacks a lot of elements to make VAMOS memorable. The main star of the song isn’t the members. They were unfortunately very forgettable and didn’t stand out. I did like how the rest of the members echoed the lyrics by shouting them out. But that was an echo, and intended to be in the background, not the foreground where the vocals/raps should have really been prominent. Rather, the ‘main character’ of VAMOS are the heavy brass synths that dominates the instrumental. They were off-putting when I first heard the song. But because the song doesn’t really have much to work with, the synths interestingly emerges as the song’s memorable aspect. Not only do the synths start the song, they actually feature in the chorus, as well. This pretty much dulls whatever intended effect it was supposed to deliver. The chorus also lacks a strong hook, making those synths do the talking, rather than the members. The second chorus attempts to change the song up by incorporating pan-flutes, but they replicate the same sounds of the primary brassy synths, and hence delivers no further impact. The bridge of the song is where things get a bit more interesting. The use of the whiny electric guitars is a bit different from any release in general, and gave me something to ponder about briefly. The chorus returns, once again. But rather than leaving it there, VAMOS ends with an ending sequence that reminds me of how iKON ends their songs. It gave the song that breath of life that it needed. But sadly, it was too late to really leave any lasting impression on the song. Overall, OMEGA X’s redebut doesn’t really live up to my standards. I do hope that the group are given another chance to release something else. And hopefully that something else is more dynamic and memorable.

What a great music video! While I didn’t have high expectations given that they were from a much smaller company (SPIRE Entertainment), I was pleasantly surprised at how good the video watch. Even their use of green screen puts a much larger company to shame! I really liked all their choreography scenes. Some of them were set up to mimic the outdoors, and these actually looked good. The best was the circular set, with the gold detailing, black and white visuals on the screens and the red lighting used in the background. It all gave off the impression of depth and that there was more to the set than just the circular stage. I also thought the members looked great, especially in their red and black outfits.

The routine was good and energetic. But it was riddle with the same issues experienced by the song itself. It was plain and didn’t have anything memorable within it. If I did have to point out which section I did like best, it would be the bridge. I think it was the most appealing part of the choreography.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 6.5/10
Overall Ratin
g – 6.5/10