[Review] Rain Drop – Soyou & Ovan

The next song on the review list is Soyou and Ovan’s collaborative single, Rain Drop. This was dropped on Thursday of this past week and has since risen steadily towards the top end of the charts. For those who don’t know, this is very typical of many collaboration singles featuring Soyou. I will avoid naming such songs (as I think I do that will every Soyou related review and hence will be quite repetitive). The other half of the collaboration is Ovan, who is a Korean hip-hop artist and rapper. He made his debut back in 2017 and have many singles under his name since his debut.

Rain Drop is more like a cafe style of song, rather than a ballad as my previous draft of the review had stated. There is a slightly jazzy influence in the instrumental, which is slightly appealing to my ears. At this very stage of the year, I am wrapping up my semester of studies and currently on the hunt for soft songs to work with. This track practically ticks that major box for me. I find the vocals to be soothing and calming to an extent, which is also another box ticked for me.  There were some moments that did have a certain typical nature to them. But for the most part, I thought the vocals were good. I did like the slight rapping tone Ovan brought to the bridge of the track, which attempted to throw an interesting texture in. Overall, I think this would be a nice song to add to my study playlist, as previously stated). Though, I am not too sure if it would fair well in a more recreational playlist due to the very nature of the track.

I am not too sure about what is going on in the music video. I have an idea but since the events were jumbled about, I am not exactly confident in my story that I have formed. The video showcases a cute couple from the moment the female character made her move on the male character (and thus starting their relationship) up until the moment that she leaves him on a rainy day (‘I watched you go away without an umbrella‘). However, in the end, it is another rainy day that brings her back. We see the male character slightly surprised at the end after seeing his former lover swiping her wet hair to the side.  It is a slightly interesting story, especially with that twist at the end. I do want some closure with the story though, given that twist.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10