[Review] Why, You? – Park Boram

Park Boram has returned with a brand new single, Why, You? and second mini-album, Orange Moon. The title track also features Samuel Seo, a well-known producer and rapper. Park Boram last release was Dynamic Love, which was released in April of last year.

I am going to be brutally honest. The song was boring. I hate to start off by saying that but it was the most pressing thing that I felt about the song. It doesn’t help that I am writing this review while being extremely tired. I felt the jazzy instrumental contributed to the blandness of the song.  But it as if the producer of the track felt the same thing. That short insert after the chorus to change up the song a bit provided much-needed relief but due to its limited nature, its effect was very limited. That being said, the change up was pretty good. It did make it somewhat interesting for a second. Furthermore, her vocals were pretty good in this song. It was such a pity that it felt slow and sluggish. Once the chorus was reached, the song did get a little better, with the addition of the backing vocals. Samuel Seo’s rap sounded pretty good and suited the song without going over the top. But while I do make small praises here and there, the same initial comments still hold.

Right off the bat, the aesthetics of this music video made it look amazing. It made me so happy. Throw in the magnified sounds of watering the plants, stirring coffee, squeezing the oranges,  and I am thoroughly impressed by the music video’s quality. Not a big fan of the extra effects that are added on, but they did add to the aesthetics. While I was disappointed by the song, I thought the video was excellent.

The performance felt slow and sluggish, much like the song. While there is choreography, it felt like there was not much going on, on the stage. Given the genre, that was given. You can’t have a flashy choreography with a slow song, without going over the top. But with this song, the choreography made the song feel lacking and empty.

Song – 4/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 4/10
Overall Rating – 5.5/10

Catch Up Review #12 – Eunjung (T-Ara), Hyosung (Secret), Park Boram

They are back!!! It has been so long since I’ve done of these and I promised that they were gone. But they are back. Sorry… But this way, I can get more reviews done. Sometimes I have to cancel reviews because I have no time to do it, or newer artists are coming out and therefore, the certain artist’s review would usually be trashed. Yeah… Like for example, Park Boram’s review. I was meant to do that at the start of May, but I have so much work to do :(. Anyhow, I tried to theme them. This theme is female soloists. Yes, if you haven’t guessed, all the artists here are female soloists. Let’s go.

I’m Good – Eunjung (T-Ara) ft. K.Will


Also under the name of Elise as well, but for my purposes, let’s keep with Eunjung for now. This song features K.Will in the actual song, while K-iO from Speed has helped with the live performances for the first two weeks. I like the song. It is a nice dance ballad that fits in with the current weather in the Southern Hemisphere.  The vocals of both Eunjung and the male artists featuring was really good as well. The music video was of a typical “break up” and “sorrow” type of video, where they used to be lovers, but then they drifted apart for whatever reason. It was okay to watch. The dance was cool as well. It matched the song quite well and the instrumental. However, there just happens to be something missing from this comeback which I can’t really identify. I just feel this entire comeback lacks attention and appeal to the public. 7/10

Into You – Jung Hyosung (Secret)


Any one who has read my reviews probably know how much of a big fan I am for Secret. I consistently love every song they put out. But this one, yeah, I thought was very boring. I was pumped for a Hyosung comeback, but this was not what I was expecting. There is too much focus on the sexy and not enough on the talent. There was nothing that was amazing from the song. The music video was a total bore to watch and the performances, I just gloss over. I’ve listened to the song once, and have not gone back to it since then. Even writing this review, I am putting the part where I listen to the song and watch the music video off. Sorry, but not this time Hyosung 😦 2/10

Celepretty – Park Boram


Now, while the last song was terrible and Eunjung was good, this took the cake for a “great” song. I love this song. It is catchy and it is fun to listen to. I am not turned off from it in anyway. Though, that phone vibration seems like what my phone sounds like, so every time I hear it, I think my phone is trying to get my attention. The music video is also quite colourful and matches the summery feel from the song. As for the dance, I don’t expect Park Boram to do much, so this dance took me by surprise. Her debut one had very little movement and it seems like she is becoming more comfortable on stage. Her debut was also another review that landed in the “maybe next time” pile. 8/10

I’m not going to do another Catch Up Review for the next one. Mainly because BOA’s comeback has been sitting on my waiting list for quite some time. And guess what, it is a DOUBLE REVIEW!! So expect Who Are You? and Kiss My Lips for the next review. Bye Bye!!