Catch Up Review #1 – Red Velvet, Nasty Nasty, Strawberry Milk

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I am back, and there are so many songs that I have missed out on. So the next few days (probably weeks), I will be writing mini reviews for a bunch of songs. These are going to short and they probably be quite brief. Also I will be playing around with the site in the next few days trying a new look (for a new me hahahaha…) But let’s go!!!

O.K. – Strawberry Milk 

The new subunit from Crayon Pop has officially made their debut with O.K. The rock instrumental is surely a winner here, cause it is what appealed to me when I listen to the song. Also the girls voices, were not so aegyo and actually is quite enjoyable. None of that really whiny stuff I keep hearing nowadays. The music video was also quite cool and their outfits look absolutely cute. Though, I am kind of weird out with the gigantic fork and knife. The dance is a little lazy, but these girls make it look really cute. Needless to say, I thought this was a really cute song and overall a really cute and pretty fun comeback. I’d give this a 8/10.

Knock – Nasty Nasty 

Ummm… I really don’t like the subunits name. Yeah… This subunit is made up of Kevin from Z:EA, Kyungri from Nine Muses and a trainee, Sojin. The three banded together for a “sexy” concept and the teaser made it seem that it lived up to the standard. Everyone literally thought that this was going to be a really controversial video and whatnot. But I was so freaking disappointed with the music video. It was not even sexy, unless sexy is a video about a guy dating two girls and that he has some split personality, but really, I expected something that made me uncomfortable and draw my attention away from the music. So yeah, the video was a tad dark, so for me, I couldn’t see that much. Maybe I need to adjust my brightness. Sojin should have gotten more lines and this subunit is Kevin centred a little too much. not that it is a bad thing, it just really disappointing. I liked the song and I thought the dance was nice with the “naughty hands”, just if only the music video could have been better… I give this a 5.5/10.

Be Natural – Red Velvet

A much better song than their debut to be honest, though this band is quite lacking. This song was a remake of S.E.S however it was rather mediocre. It was not appealing and it was not as great. To me it was monotone all throughout the song and that is what disappointed me. Their vocals were just so so and maybe the “sexy concept” in this case really should not have been applied. Maybe they should just stick to happy songs that get you excited, not diva type music just yet. As for the music video, I haven’t watched it yet and I am quite sure it is going to be boring after looking at so many images while trying to find good pictures for the top. As for the dance, it was something different with the chairs and it showed off their style. It liked the performance, just the song doesn’t seem quite right at this very moment. 5/10

To see the music videos of the reviews that I have mentioned, please click on the blue sub titles. Next set of reviews are all Epik High reviews. (As you may have noticed, I kind of a little problem putting these ones into categories, but from now on, each set will have a theme.