Tomorrow – Tablo ft. Taeyang


Now I am a bit confused with this song. I don’t know if this song would be classified as a ‘pop’ song or a ‘ballad’ song. Some parts of the song tells us that this song is a pop while Taeyang’s vocals are telling us this is a ballad. To be honest I really do not know what type of genre this song is meant to be. I guess Tablo’s rap in this song adds a bit of spice. It like a recipe. Bit of Tablo’s wrap, a good instrumental and Taeyang’s vocal. When you first hear the song, you can hear the sorrow and heartbroken-ness.


This song is basically filled with English mainly in the chorus and it sounds wonderful.

Music Video

This is the very sad part of the whole review. There is a heap of symbolism in this video yet people say it is just a bunch of sand and cars and helicopters and two guys walking around. Well, I guess this is how the song is interpreted. Firstly if you are in the middle of no where, you will definitely think that “There is no tomorrow”. You will try to think there is but the reality for some there is not. The cars are going back and forth round in circles as if they can not find their way out. (Maybe that is why you buy a GPS? Only Joking). This says that the cars like the guys can not get anywhere and are stuck there.

Now there is no definite plot in this video and it can be interpreted many ways. Guys get stuck in desert. Girl leaves them and then comes back to save the guys. Basic plot line.

Live Performance

I love it how they blend the music video with the live performance. It is really a smart idea. I also love the backdrop they have on the “big screen” at the back of the performance. For those who don’t know, it looks like the after effects of deforestation. This tells us further that  the song has a deeper meaning and can be interpreted in many different ways. I also like Taeyang’s hair. It looks like he dipped it in some blonde dye. LOL.

And The Rating?

This song is really good. The music video is really good. The live performance is really good. It looks like Tablo, Taeyang, Big Bang & YG Ent. have minimal flaws. 9.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀