Mileage – Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue) ft. YDG

After like a whole year of re-scheduling and a lot of articles about the new solo “coming soon”, Jung Yong Hwa has yet to make his official solo debut on the stage. However, CN Blue’s leader has teased us with a new song. This is just a pre-release, with the actual solo debut set to occur at a later date (later this month). Hopefully, they don’t push this around anymore and let him make his debut. And then make a CN Blue comeback!!! Asking too much? Getting too personal?

This song is okay. I always hoping for something along the lines of a rock themed song as that is what I grew up to know Yonghwa and CN Blue. Thankfully, this is just a pre-release, so I can still hope for the full album right? Anyway, this song also compliments his soft voice. I understand many people love him for his dreamy love songs and dreamy voice. Just this is a change that I really saw unexpected. The song is quite sweet but at the same time is also quite funny. The rapper was a little too passionate for this song. While Yonghwa was being dreamy via his voice, the rapper’s voice sounded hard and harsh to this song. This song isn’t catchy and that appealing on a whole. It as, to me, a one listen song, where I basically listen to it once and forget about it.

The music video was pretty cool. Some parts annoyed me. I know that for creative purposes they cutted out shapes and stuck them onto objects such as a soju cup or a vacuum cleaner. Yet why couldn’t they just used the vacuum cleaner or soju cup instead of “faking” everything. To you, it may not be a big deal and that I could be really picky. But hey, that thought stayed in my mind the whole time I watched the music video. Beside that, I thought the bed scenes were hilarious. It was really creative. It is the first time I ever saw a bed stuck to the wall and the dudes were playing around, but really they were walking around. That is pretty cool. Blew my mind for a wild (mainly because it took me forever to get).

Overall, a pretty cool music video for a song that was okay. 5.6/10