Ghost Of The Wind – Z:EA


ZE:A recently made their comeback with Ghost Of The Wind after successful promotions of their subunit groups. Ghost Of The Wind was released on the 9th of August and was the comeback to realize that I have typed their name wrong all along. So my question is: why are they named ZE:A and Children of the Empire? The name doesn’t really make sense. Sorry. Always a question which I never got the answer to.

I find the song quite boring. I never was a fan of the band, but I do like the song, but I find it quite boring to listen to. There is nothing amazing about the song. It seems like they kept the same note and tone throughout the song. They were singing at a very high pitch, but it seems they did not go any lower or higher. The instrumental was like a 10 second track,, on repeat. There was nothing to make the song that interesting. It was basically the same thing over and over again. The rap was okay, but it did not fit the feel of the song like what I had expected it to be. It is much better than their previous songs and i like the more serious side of the band, but they could work or choose a more different song that let them add their own style to the song.

The music video is quite dark. It is mainly filled of their dancing, but small snippets of a little side story, which I don’t really understand. So I really cannot say anything about the music video as well. It is quite boring, as well. I literally watched it once. But not the full 3:52. I watched a bit and skipped to another bit and then the music video finished. I did like the lighting of the video and the guys do look creepy, but overall, I found the whole music video quite boring. I think this song is like a play on that movie of “Girlfriends of the Past” or something like that. It seems like the guys are quite frustrated that the girl just goes on after breaking up. As if they were ghosts and non existent. I am quite disappointed with this video.

The dance is interesting. I like that jumping bit and the choreography overall is quite cool to watch. Though it did feel fancy pancy just a little bit, I think the dance is quite well done compared to Aftermath or Phoenix from last year.

4/10. I tried, but I find this band remarkably boring, if you have not got the jist of the review yet.

The Day We Broke Up – Z:EA5


Z:EA is the next group into the whole subunit ordeal in the KPOP world. This group has already officially debuted in Japan, I am just not particularly sure if this was the exact song they debuted with. Anyway, this comeback is okay, not the best, but okay. Though I am completely 100% that this subunit won’t have a chance at winning an award, but they still stand out for their good reasons. The subunit itself consist of 5 members of which I don’t remember the member’s names: Siwan and Dongjun or something like that + five other members.

The song is not what it seems. At first you see the song title, and think ‘oh well, it is just another sad ballad’. Hands up if you did that? Yes? Okay. But no, we were trolled. This sounds more of a pop song rather than a ballad. The start had its ballad feel to it, but as we get to the chorus, the song changes. Not sure about the start of the song though, the guy just seems to yell out that “they’re back”. Hey, you guys just debuted in a subunit. That is not a form of coming back. The songs itself keeps on repeating itself to me. There is not much of a change to the feel of the song at all. But beside that, the guys sang wonderfully and the rap was pretty good. Okay, the rap did not fit the feel of the song, but it did help flow the song. But sadly the song did not cut it for me. Not for my liking. Hopefully yours?

The music video on the other hand, was quite random. Oh did I say quite random? I mean wrong on so many levels. Hahaha. No but seriously  I am not particularly sure about the setting of the music video. It makes them seem to be loners. You know the type of forever alone. Which may mean they are horrible at love. Question! Why is there a piano in the middle of know where? It is not like they grow on trees or something? Anyway, carrying on with the music video. Did anyone notice that they ‘invited themselves to a random’s campsite’? How rude of them! They start eating other people’s food? Like seriously? The food they ate did seem like they came from some kind of fast food chain around the corner. The map that they were seen holding looked like a brown piece of paper. They wore suits, and what was with the big letters which spelt out “PRESENT” at the end? Oh wait, it makes sense now. They were camping in the backyard. Yeah that why… oh wait… maybe that is not the reason why they were wearing suits.

The live is pretty good. Not sure about the stage though, those trees branches and those big mushroom things are a big no no. They sound fine and the dance is okay. Not as addictive.

Yeah, umm.. 5/10. Don’t kill me though.