Love Is Move – Secret

Now I don’t really know what to say about this song. It’s not good or bad. It’s just the middle. I am thankful they got rid of their cute/aegyo image from Shy Boy and Starlight Moonlight and went back to their girl power/sexiness image. Apparently this music video was inspired by Betty Pop. Is that how you spell it? I don’t know. There is not much of a reference towards the cartoon character but she was known to be sexy and that is what Secret has brought out.

Now I really like the start of the song. As soon as the song starts you hear music that you can relate to the surf or something like Abanibi. (For those who don’t know Abanibi, It is a very famous song which was a chart topper sang by Izhar Cohen who was an Israelite.) I absolutely loved the Vietnamese Version of Abanibi (Yes, I am Vietnamese) by Tommy Ngo and Lynda Trang Dai –> This video also throughout changed itself to those boring dance movies like Footloose and Hairspray. *Shivers*

I do also like the C’mon, C’mon part and the choreography is amazing. They were bouncing most of the time especially throughout the chorus. The dance movies were pulled off very well and the moves actually tied in with the music. They also look stunning. I loved what they wore in Magic & Madonna and they look stunning here as well.

Anyway, this song is not that addictive like, let say, SNSD’s Hoot or 2NE1’s I AM THE BEST. But it now stands as a major competitor against these top girls bands if they keep singing these cool types of songs. Anyway I have to rate now, or I never will —> 7.5/10.

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