Like The Birds – FT Island

Okay, this song is really calm and peaceful to listen into Spring ( or Autumn, if your in the Northern Hemisphere). It is very refreshing however  the music video does not reflect the tune or rhythm of the song. The desert is a place that is very dry, hot and isolated. this songs sounds like calm, cool, connected song.

I also did not realize that this song was a remake of another song. If i had not read that, I would’ve thought this was their actual song that they wrote. They are that professional, it does not sound like a remake at all. Now there was controversies with the Jeep (?) that they were using, the owner had agreed but withdrawn it from the filming. Seriously mate, if i had a car, i would have given them it. Your car is in a music video. You should be happy.

Again with the desert theme, I really don’t like the fact that they are playing in a desert. It isn’t that cool.  However I do like the old, untouched, abandoned house concept they had at the start. It was very fresh and actually looked professional then those high-tech visual effects that make the music video boring by rival artists.

Okay to rate this song and music video (which I always do) I would give it a 8/10. It was stunning however I don’t really like remakes. Unless I loved the original song or movie. Anyway, FIN.

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