Baby Don’t Cry – Daesung

(Lately its been getting really awkward on how I start my blog posts. I was rereading some and they felt so weird. So from now on I am going to put sub headings and write under each. Hopefully it will make my posts much more organized)


Wow, I love this song. Though it sounds really tragic but at the same time it sounds calm and relaxing (or is that how I feel when Daesung sings?). The tune of the song sounds pretty cool I have to say and technically I did not question myself about the song or the vocals. While we are on vocals, he sounds amazing as always.

English in the Song

Now, its YG guys. There is nothing wrong with their English. Nothing at all. LOL. I guess that’s why you hire an American producer to correct  the lyrics and make sure it makes sense.


There is no music video for this song, but I can tell you, this song needs a music video. DAESUNG NEEDS A MUSIC VIDEO YG!!!!!!

Stage Performance

Now to date there is only one stage performance I know of and it will be linked at the end of this post. I think this song was very perfected on stage. However, Daesung looks really hesitant about releasing his energy at the start and then at the end it came out so fast and kind of made the performance suck. I don’t really want to be mean but he had so much energy building up in his body that it was like ruined the ending. I hope you get what I mean.

Anything Else:

YG!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! DAESUNG NEEDS A MUSIC VIDEO AND A MINI ALBUM. HE IS TOO GOOD. JUST LET HIM DO HIS STUFF AND WE WILL ALL BE HAPPY!!!!!! (I did not want to be aggressive). On the side note, It was really sad to hear that Daesung was involved in a car accident. It was also sad to hear that someone had to die for a result of this and I hope Daesung is much better. Can’t wait for a new Big Bang Album next year.

And the Rating?

This song was very well polished and Daesung needs much more recognition for his work other than Big Bang and a lousy stage performance. An Album and MV would suit our fitting! Anyway to rate this song —-> 9.5/10

Have fun watching!!!! 🙂 Troy.

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