Be My Baby – Wonder Girls


Wow, wow wow wow. I have been looking forward to this song & music video for sometime now and so far the song has been a big hit. It has been a long time since I heard this girl group sing and wow have they improved. “Nobody” is old. “Be My Baby” is the new look. The vocals in this song is superb. The rap in this actually fits in. Many people have been saying that this song should not had have the rap in it cause it ruined it, but I find the rap pleasing.  This is a song that raises the bar on k pop songs nowadays. LOL. I have too many expectations.

Music Video

I thought JYP had said they would not go with the retro theme. Hmmm… Maybe I have been hallucinating. (Using big words for my upcoming exams, one of the words which will be on the exam). Anyway, the set of this music video is really cool. The moving floors, that large staircase (to be honest, if I had that staircase in my house, it would creep me out especially when JYP appears on it). The lighting makes this music video ,ummm…., oh and the hair oh and the dance movies oh and the clothing. Hmmmmm… Come to think of it it looks exactly like a Single Ladies type of music video sung by Beyonce.

For your information, I do know that JYP hired the exact same person or people (unsure) to make the Be My Baby music video who made the Single Ladies video. I am not dumb and oblivious like many others. Curse you haters/antis.

Live Performance

The dance for this song is really good and easy to follow. I especially like how they incorporate the pyramid circular thingy into the dance by running around it. LOL, feel sorry for those moving at the bottom, they had to run extra fast. But you must agree that the choreography for this song is really good.

Anything Else

To be honest I was looking forward for Me, In as their promotional track cause I loved their first teaser. I also like G.N.O much more than Be My Baby. Maybe I’ll do a review for performance of G.N.O.

And the Rating?

Hmmmm… this song was really good. But this song was not what I wanted. I want them to have a new look nowhere near retro. I want them to be modern. But anyway to rate this song I would give it a 9/10.

Have Fun Reading, Watching & Listening. Troy 🙂

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