Cry Cry – T-Ara (Mini Drama)

Okay Today I will be reviewing the Drama version of the song Cry Cry about T-Ara. Some different headings are included here.


Hmmm… Not a big fan of T-Ara. This song therefore does not work for me. I really dislike the normal version. It is not that enjoyable to listen to. I do prefer it over Roly Poly. However, every time I listen to it I find it boring. Add that to the the mini drama and you find a pile of dung. Yes I am harsh however this is the truth for me.

Music Video

This was only the good thing about the whole “Cry Cry” business. (Wait, there is still Lovey Dovey. I don’t like the teaser **) This music video had a clear plot which allowed many of us understand to plot. However I am confused about who’s who in this video. Is the girl part of the mafia or police? Is her dad the mafia or police? Is her guardian evil or good? Is the run-away culprit really evil or is good? Scrap the idea of a clear plot, I need to solve this before I can say I have a clear understanding of the plot.

However the actors and actresses/singers portrayed their roles well. They made the whole thing pretty good. There is one thing I am confused with. Does the lead girl love her guardian? There is proof that indicates so however other proof that shows us she is not.

Anything Else

I am kind of lost now. First day back from 2 week break for my exams and I need to get used o the format. My hands hurt at the moment. Let’s leave me until another topic. I think the music video would have done much better if the song was actually the ballad version. I love the ballad version. My thoughts only.

And The Rating

This song is not that boring as Mr Simple was however I think it was boring and the song/music video combined did not go well with each other. I would give us a 6.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀


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