Shanghai Romance – Orange Caramel


Okay, to start things off, I am not a fan of Orange Caramel. Its not that I dislike them or anything (amazingly, I am also not a fan of After School) but their songs do not inspire me or motivate me to dance or at least sing a long. However I do like their theme of going to countries and writing various song about the country. Bangkok City was somewhat catchy in my point of view and so was Shanghai Romance. The song had this oriental sound to it, as if it was a traditional song that originated from Shanghai however as soon as the electronic beats started, I just said no. Yes, I know it is meant to be a KPOP video but the beat just ruined the whole video/song.

Music Video

The music video for this song was good. I love the use of props with the lanterns hanging from the top of the roof. I love how the music video itself made me laugh. You find a girl who has a crush on this guy. She tries very hard to please him.  In the end she gets hit by a lantern, rejected by the guy and the guy showing a shock face after the girl showed her thigh. However the girl hates him after she finds out that he eats like a pig (or maybe she got rejected too many times???). Yeah this plot does not make much sense but was great for a laugh. I also love the costumes of the music video. They wore a modern style Cheongsam, which I found suited the theme. The airplane pilot jacket did not much.

Live Performance

Ummm. not sure about their costume choice though for their live performances. They wore some kind of Kill Bill inspired tracksuit and other weird clothing. The dance is pretty creative as it went with the beat. Besides that, the live performance was okay.

And The Rating

Not the best performance I ever watched but not that horrible or something I would say “utterly the worst performance on Earth” . So I have decided to give it a 6.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀

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