0330 – UKISS


Boy, I really like this song. It does not rely on the instrumental to get the mood over but the vocals do this instead. Only some parts the instrumental was dominant, the rest dominated by the vocals. This really stands out in my point of view. Beside that there is not much to say about the song. Really the song is a chart stopper and it is shown through the charts.

Music Video

The music video took forever to decipher the plot of the whole video. This really should be a bad thing however some reason it does not trouble me this time around. Every time I watch the video, I discover a new thing that was not viable to me before. (Maybe because I was mesmerised by the vocals. LOL.) Well, its  about a guy who has been in loved with this girl who he happened to meet at a bus stop one rainy day. He loves her and she loves him and they hang out. However when the girl dies, he can not face reality and thinks she is still with him. This troubles his friends as it pisses them off. This continues until one of them hangs up the phone which the main guy was on talking to no-one. The causes for the others to feel sorry for the main guy, who now is back in reality. Long plot but inspiring story I have to say.

Live Performance

I absolutely disliked the live performances. I can sum it up in one sentence. A group of guys who move to the beat of the music. That is about it. Nothing much. Nothing epic as a Big Bang or Girl’s Generation performance. So I’ll end it here.

Anything Else

I think I did not say this in my previous post however I am not a fan of U-KISS. But this song is really good.

And The Rating

This is a really good song (repeated 5 times already). So 9.5/10 it is.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

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