Don’t Cry – Park Bom (2NE1)


This song is very catchy. I have to say that and Park Bom’s voice is really fitting for this song. Yeah, that is really what all I can say about this song. Its nice and matches in very well with the music video. The lyrics tell us of a heartbroken lady with a dream to be with her love one. So yeah.

Music Video

Okay this music video is quite a good a one. It tells us a story of a young girl who was left heartbroken by her boyfriend who had died. This girl is having images of her boyfriend and runs after her boyfriend’s image and in the end is reunited with her boyfriend (which is still her image) and somehow a ring is left in her hand. Then the whole thing ends with her back in the car where she started stroking the ring. Okay, everything is fine except for the ring part? I can not see anything that implies the whole thing was a dream or actual took place. So I am going to take a stab in the dark and say it was a dream. Her hairstyle and clothing changes each time she enters a new scene. The scenes are somewhat realistic to a normal person. Now I am not saying Park Bom is not normal but I am saying that as an example.

Live Performance

There is only one live performance of this song. (NOTE: I do not like watching fan cams. They are too shaky and the environment is too loud). So yeah, nothing to comment on the live performance.

And The Rating?

I love this song. Beside that, I have to give this song a 9/10. Good song.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy.

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