Good Day – IU


Is there anything to say about this song and singer? She is too good. Good Day was one of the best songs ever. It is not boring. It not using sex appeal. It is not stupid and it sounds good. That would form the perfect song ever. It uses a good beat and guess what? The vocals are superb. I can’t criticize this song. IU is too good for us. Her three high notes were the best. (Though I actually prefer BEG’s 3 high notes, IU still sounds good.) I guess that is the highlight of the song. If you listen carefully, the song builds up to that point which is really smart. “I’m in my dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~” LOL.

Music Video

Something all the good and simple music videos must have is an easy and simple plot for the audience to find. This has one which was also why it is very good. Okay so IU has this crush on this older man and is very shy to confess (that is why she was scared when the parrot spoke). She had thought that the guy had run away from her because of the parrot. But he returns to return the parrot which she forgot at the store and then confessed her love. That is pretty beautiful. Except for that tights technical error which one side was purple and the other pink. Beside that, everything was beautiful.

Live Performance

Everything was fine however it was quite sad that I (& many people, i assume) did not see her do her high notes. Yes, I know they would’ve been loud and blown up the microphone but I think the high notes add the uniqueness in which all IU’s songs have.

And The Rating?

“I’m in my dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~” LOL. 10/10. Really good. Yes, I am a fan of IU’s. Did not try to be bias at all.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy.

There is no music video, however I wish to do more reviews on IU’s album. It sounds so good.

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