The Grasshopper Song – Sunny Hill .


The guitar (well, I think it is a guitar) sounds really good. I love the fact that the guitar changes into the electronic beat at the start, adds a whole new dimension to KPOP. The vocals are really good. I have to say since Midnight Circus, they have gone a long way and developed so much more. The only problem is, when they sing “Ring Ring” they pronounce the R’s as L’s. Also, I am assuming they are trying to copy the sound of a grasshopper, but Ling Ling does not sound like a grasshopper. All their vocals are really good. Not really happy with Janghyun’s part of the song, does he really have to be autotuned?

Music Video

Smashing video, well kind of. Janghyun plays a grasshopper (those dudes dressed in black) and they all work for sugar? One girl (Jubi) plays the Grasshopper Queen, well I think so. The other girls I have no idea what they are. I am assuming Narsha only appeared on the teaser because I don’t see her face anywhere in the video unless she is that lady who plays the guitar in the video. But beside that, the music video was quite fun to watch. The grasshopper made me laugh. LOL.

Live Performance

The music video was quite fun and warm while the performance was really tense and quite serious. That ruined the atmosphere. Here you have a warm and enjoyable music video and then a serious performance. Anyway, their choreography was really unique. At the Ling Ling part, they had their hands around imaginary balls on their head which shows us a grasshopper. Very Smart.

And The Rating?

Great song, fun music video and a serious performance. 9/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀

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