Going Crazy – Teen Top




Finally back to their Supa Luv image but with more swag. These kind of songs matches them. No Perfume On You was, in my point of view one of the worsts songs in 2011. This song has an amazing instrumental that can make anyone dance as soon as you hear it. Now this song is much different than Supa Luv and No Perfume On You (NPOY). I had to listen to Supa Luv 2-3 times to get into it. NPOY did not even succeed to get into my good books. However, I got into this song straight away. The beat was very funky and you know this song has some swag. (Imagine reading this in my mind, SWAAAG~ LOL).


Music Video


This has to be a good start to the year. Teen Top comes back with a really great music video. Its about a guy who is crazy for this girl. So crazy that he has to run after her while she is on a train and bus. Now it is like the girl does not notice him, but this proves that the guy is to keep so she lures him onto the top of some building. Now that is my interpretation of the music video and there could be lots others. Also, Teen Top themselves is bringing back SWAG into K pop. Do I have to say the setting is really good. Alley and SWAG, who would’ve guessed.


Live Performance


Again SWAG. This song has a rocking dance to it. The dance is really good and the clothing to a SWAG song is ideal.  However I am not a fan of Teen Top so I don’t know names. However that guy really needs to lose his perm. Seriously, right now.


And The Rating?


A really good song with (yes?) SWAG in it. 8.5/10.


Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀


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