Black & White – G.Na


This is a great song. I was addicted to it for some time and now she is one of my favourite solo singers. Black and White is a very pretty song but at the same time very sexy. It is like the equivalent to Katy Perry, both very famous in their industry and have influential songs. The song is no exception. This is just your basic KPOP song, just more modern. There is not actual stand out part in the song for me. The song was just neutral or standard to me. “Black And White~”.

Music Video

Ummm… Another standard music video for me. Nothing really to comment on. Except for lovers who find it hard to be alone and jealous when the other speaks to friends. This is what all relationships should be nowadays not just sex, fame and money. Also I like the background for the dance sequence. Very ummm… black and white. Yeah, I am running out of things to comment on.

Oh by the way, did you see how cute she was when she saw snow? At 1:08? LOL.

Live Performance

I really like her live performances. She is one of those singers who can sing live very well. The dance was also very creative. It reflected the beat. Very nice. I love the chorus bit of the dance. It was very nice.

And The Rating?

Under the new system (LOL, I need to change this), I would give this a 7.6 out of 10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀

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