I Remember – Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P) ft. Yang Yoseob (Beast)


OMG, this must one of the best ballads yet. Rapping and vocals were superb. I never would’ve thought that these two, one a good rapper (Bang Yong Guk) and the other is one of the best vocalists in the KPOP industry (Yang Yoseob). The song is not a good song that people would say “Sounds good.” This song is a song where people would say “OMG, IT IS SO GOOD.”

Like come one, you must agree with powerful raps and powerful vocals, this song is hard to beat. I also felt that there was something familiar between this certain song and Going Crazy by Song Ji Eun featuring Bang Yong Guk. Am I getting somewhere now?

This song tells the story about a guy who remembers the memories of his lover. Along with the music video which I don’t want to discuss the music video here, but we get the sense that the person has actually died and is remembering the past.

Music Video

Wow oh wow. Is this music video banned by the MOGEF yet? Did you see the back of the guy’s head explode outwards? Did you see the amount of shots he took to the body? I would be very surprised if the music video is not banned yet. But if my memory serves me right, it was banned.

As you can see in the music video that even until the last moment in a person’s life, love can so be so powerful. The guy proved his true love to his girlfriend who happened to be kidnapped at the last moment. He storms through all the bullets to just get to the other side to be with his girlfriend until the last moment where all their happy memories come back to both of their minds until reality took over and said that they were both going to die.

I have some complaints. Firstly the road or tunnel which the gun-fight took place, is that not the same place where Kim Hyun Joong filmed a part of his music video for Break Down. (Something unrelevant, but the atmosphere in the music video for Warrior by B.A.P is exactly the same). Also, for some reason the police seemed to be pretty crap. They could not keep a guy out of gun fight and kept shooting at him during the gun fight. Seriously police? There are other people much better than you are.

Live Performance

There is a live performance? There is a performance but only featuring Daehyun, a member of B.A.P (Bang Yong Guk’s band), but this review clearly states I would be reviewing the orginal version. But if you want to see, I will link you it here. It is still epic.

And The Rating?

I would give this song/music video a 9/10.

(NOTE: I swear I wrote a review for this music video before. Deja Vu?)

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

2 thoughts on “I Remember – Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P) ft. Yang Yoseob (Beast)

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