Stranger – SHINee


Okay, I must confess. I hated this song at first. I think I was more pre-occupied with the fact that Sherlock was Note and Clue combined. Yeah, I at first, did not like the feel of the song. It seemed very distant from thier toher songs like Hello, Ring Dong Ding, Lucifer, Sherlock.  Did not like the start at all because it was so sudden.

But then again, the song started to grow on me bit by bit. But I just can’t sit around listening to the song. My attention would shift from the song to another thing like homework or to finding another song. The vocals are pretty good in this song though and so are the raps. Well, I must say, this is song is much better than Hello.

Live Performance

Okay, I must admit. They are wearing clothing from Lucifer and Ring Dong Ding. Back to this style. I approve. It was pretty epic I must say the performance. The dance was pretty epic. Just I’ll chose Sherlock over this song anyday.

And The Rating?

Yeah, as I said before, Sherlock any day. 7/10.

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