Madonna – Secret


Another song which I like. It has the catchy chorus (Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Madonna-donna, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Madonna-donna~). Damn right it is. It is like Magic, Shy Boy, Starlight Moonlight and Love Is Move altogether. All a very catchy and the lyrics especially can relate to Madonna.  Also, Madonna can be related (metaphorically) to any of the girls in the world.

But beside that, the songs is alright. I love this song however just can’t find words to describe it. Blame Writer’s Block.

Music Video

I must say this, however all the dresses in the music video and the stage performances are just stunning. I think Secret is the only girl group in KPOP that looks particularly stunning in any dresses, long or short. I prefer many other groups to be wearing dresses that are short (not too short though) or long (not too long though as well, don’t want any accidents on stage or on the red carpet do we now?). I also love the setting of the music video. It is stunning and also makes the dresses stand out. Its gold and pretty and also very bright, much different from the other KPOP videos nowadays.

I just wish to say something. I think the leather was too much. Nothing good about leather that brings the “Madonna” out of them.

Live Performance

Another very addictive dance for another addictive song. Waving arms are pretty cool. I think all KPOP songs that have a dance always have this particular dance that must be performaed to it. Lucifer, Ring Dong Ding, Sorry Sorry, Nobody, I Don’t Care, Magic, OK etc.

And The Rating?

I would rate this a 8.6.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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