Lovey Dovey (Zombie Ver.) – T-Ara


Yes, shuffling songs are epic. Yes, Shuffling is epic. Therefore this song is epic. However, there is one big part of the song which I do not like. I HATE THE CHORUS. Lovey Dovey is not a thing to repeat. Especially when this is a really upbeat song. Yes, I am not a fan of T-Ara, however Lovey Dovey does not sound good. It is quite annoying, in my point of view. It is like the next “Friday” (Just not that auto-tuned). Yet again, T-Ara disappoints me with another song.

Music Video

Must I say something. Don’t T-Ara know better than to sing but actually run. Like seriously, they are all dancing to thier new song with ZOMBIES is front of them the whole time. Don’t they realize, that was their cue to leave? Don’t they know ZOMBIES eat human brains? What kind of human beings are they? Unless they want to become the heroes of the day and they just completely fail. When the ZOMBIES actually destory thew fence and eat the guards brain, T-Ara finally relizes that they are screwed. No joking.

Also I learnt another thing from this video. After eating. ZOMBIES like to dance. Yes, after eating T-Ara’s brains, they all start to dance to Lovey Dovey. I wonder if they prefer dubstep or slower music?

Live Performance

I really love the circle part of the dance where they are all in the circle shuffling around. The shuffle with the words Lovey Dovey  felt really weird. I love the hand movements and to me the song sounds a lot like Roly Poly in live performance rather than in the actual full song as well. I also don’t get the hair-hand shake movement of the dance. Is that really a hot thing right now?

And The Rating?

The song and live performance was good. The music video was better. 7/10 is the rating I would give it.

Have Fun Watching. Troy :D

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