Alone – Sistar


I am not a fan of Sistar. I do like their song How Dare You. So Cool was kind of trashy. This song, I am lost for words. I literally can not write at all anything about this song. I like the start of the song and the vocals but what I was looking forward to was another upbeat song like How Dare You or So Cool. This song kind of lacks the amount of a dance song which I wanted from them.

As I said the vocals are pretty good. Dasom and Hyorin sound pretty good. The other member and the rapper (Sorry about names, I suck) also sound pretty good. Yeah, I’m still not sure about the song. I do like th drum beat and piano in the song. They sound pretty cool.

Music Video

Okay. WOW. SEXY??? Yeah, Sistar is back with a whole new look. Now, they girls take sexy to the highest possible point without making it into some kind of bad looking video. Which I am pretty cool with. I actually think the camera man and director captured some good shots within Las Vegas, Nevada to be included into the video. I really like when the girls are posing on the table. Okay, maybe not. Lying on the table is just the worst thing you can do. I would’ve flipped out if I saw someone lying on my dining room table. I would care more about the table then the person lying on top.

I do like the tight dresses that they are wearing in the music video. They always dress pretty good.

Live Performance

Okay. Another WOW. I just really like the whole sexy concept they have with this comeback. It is just so cool and different from everything else we have seen.

And The Rating?

Okay seriously, I would give this song a 7.6 out of 10.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

Okay this must be asked………………

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