Alive – Jun.K


Wow, this is a style that  would never had expected from 2PM’s Junsu. From what I understand he is just the vocal person in the group but to hear him rap and sing what I understand to be Hip Hop kind of scares me. I quite surprised that he even can rap because I am just used to hearing him sing not rap.

Anyway, I really like this song. It is “ALIVE”. The vocals in the bridge, the rap and the hip hop beat is definitely cool. The whole song was the highlight for me. I just can’t pick between a certain section over another. His English in the song is really good. I find it much better in this song than in his previous song as he has this Engrish pronunciation. In this song, there is no English pronunciation.

Music Video

I thought there was a music video for this. I want a music video for this. There was news that he was mean to have a music video but currently we are all waiting. JYP do not become like SM , don’t make us wait. Turns out the music video for this song just happens to be what they filmed at 2PM’s concert (if I am not mistaken). That sucks.

Live Performance

Okay, yeah. Lost for words. Its not a good performance since it is a music video as well, but it is not also a bad music video. I do like the start where they are all dressed up in these ghostly figures and then Junsu turns around a few times and then he is like in his full suit wear. Yep, got to love stage effects. I also like the long line of fireworks.It is pretty cool.

And The Rating?

8.5 out of 10. Nice song. Still awaiting an actual music video, one that is not filmed during a live performance.

Have Fun Watching. Troy. 😀

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