Power – B.A.P


B.A.P is back with another ass kicking song. You think Warrior was bad ass you have not seen Power. Basically the whole title sums the song up. There is so much POWER in the song. I was literally stunned by the effectiveness of the song when it came out. I quite enjoyed the raps in this song and they are much catchier than the Warrior raps. Okay, why don’t I say I like the song much more the Warrior. Warrior was good but Power is much more catchier and heavier. The vocals are really catchy and I am quite surprised with the outcome of the song. The English is really good and I love YoungJae and Daehyun’s part in the song.

The only complaint is Daehyun’s long note part near the end. It did not match the feeling the song. But beside that, I am playing this song on the loop.

Music Video

Wow, Again. you think Warrior was awesome, well you must not have seen Power. It is so freaking good. I have been blown away. See Super Junior & SHINee, this is how you do big blockbuster songs. That big alien spaceship is really cool. I must say I loved the rabbit but now a rocket ship. What is next? The World Largest Car? That would be awesome. I really like the setting of the music video as well. It sets a mysterious vibe in the song and really does reflect the sound of the song. I’m not entirely sure about the start of the music video but did you see Bang Yong Guk’s ear piercing? They were sharp as!!!! Enough to kill someone. Wait. Scratch that.

I just hope that tattoo on Zelo is a fake one. I don’t like tattoo’s. Especially since he is my age, I now don’t want to see that tattoo on him if it is real. He looks dodgy with a tattoo. No offence.

Oh, I really like their range of clothes. Very stylish for a fierce comeback.

Live Performance

One thing I must say. I also don’t like ripped pants or pants with holes in them. They look bad, disgusting and unfashionable. Seriously.

WOW to the dance of the song. It is really jammed pack and trust me, would really be difficult to dance to. I really like the HATE YOU part of the dance and the “spray dance”. It is really creative and different in the KPOP world. It also looks really fun to dance with. Oh and I love the “We’ve Got The Power, I’ve Got The Power” part of the dance as well. It definitely feels like they have power when they are dancing.

And The Rating?

I give this song a 9.83 out of 10. Its a really good song and has a very different feel to the many other KPOP songs nowdays.

Have Fun Watching Troy 😀

Music Video Here:

Live Performance Here:

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