Okay, I am not entirely impress with this song. But I can see this song is really good at the same time. I guess I was expecting something along the lines of their last Korean track or their debut track in Japan (Neverland and Tick Tack respectively). But still this song is really good. I listened to the song 3 times to get into the song, so this song is actually no different from over songs. There are many sections of the song which I enjoyed like:

1. The Dora-Dora part

2. The chorus

3. The rap sequence

4. All together, the whole song.

The song however does not live up to my expectations. The climax of the song really was not climatic, but instead repeated the the same section of the song at the end. To me that was rubbish. Brown Eyed Girl’s Sixth Sense had the 2 high notes to differentiate the bridge to the final chorus. Super Junior had that rap sequence in Super Junior (even though, they did repeat the whole chorus again). The rap in this song is really good but it does not have the glue which a bridge is meant to have.

Music Video

I’ve noticed a little trend in music videos lately. That glow in the dark paint that usually gets thrown in the air to ht the wall and make the whole music video look pretty. 2NE1’s  I Am The Best, Seo In Guk’s Shake It Up and also B.A.P’s teasers for Power.Beside that though I think this video is okay. Except for those bright white pants that they wear in the video. And the fact that they are standing upside down, on the sides of the wall and on the gournd normally. Oh and what the hell is happening in the video. Why is one guy sleeping and another watching? WHAT IN THE JIBBERS IS GOING ON?

I do like the abstarct wall that they are in. You know the one with the weird boxes sticking out of the wall. Also, the dark setting, where they are wearing those horrible white pants. Another fashion mistake. “Never wear white socks with black shoes.” What my English Teacher always said to my friend. But beside the  white pants and the weirdly pedo feel in the video, the music video is really good. Oh, the ending of the video is the best.

Live Performance

The dance in this is what I would describe has sexy. Yeah, but it really does not fit UKISS’s image. Their dances were very powerful in Neverland, Man Man Ha Ni, Shut Up. I also think 0330 was pretty strong as well. The dance for this song is really good and sexy, but it really does not fit in with UKISS’s image. I do like the DORADORA part of the dance. It matches the beat and is kind of catchy. Yeah, I tried. Failed miserably.

And The Rating?

7.67 out of 10. Its is a good song, just nothing I guess I am expecting or ready to see.

Have Fun Watching Troy. 😀

Music Video:

Live Performance:

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