Amazing – UKISS


This was one of their good songs on the album. The others include DORADORA, 4U & When Love Stops. It is a really great song, with the party theme in it. I not so happy with the “End Of The World” line in the song. I don’t think it is a great thing to say especially in 2012. I would think it would okay to say in 2013 onwards but that line really gives me the shivers in 2012. ME NO WANT THE WORLD TO END!!!

The electronic beat is really good in this song and is much different compared to DORADORA or Neverland as it has this refreshing beat to it. I am so glad I am listening to theses songs in Winter, here in Australia. The weather is so gloomy here. I feel so sad. I should be listening to depressing songs. The chorus of this song is really catchy and very easy to listen to. It’s not complex or anything.

And The Rating?

There is no music video or performance for this song, so I am going to just rate the song. 8/10. “End Of The World” line ruined it for me.

Have Fun Watching. Troy 😀

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