Someone Else – JYP & Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)


Wow. I’m not a fan of JYP but am a very big fan of Brown Eyed Girls and I had to listen to this song because of Ga-in. I must say she has not disappointed me at all from Irreversible to her recent solo song for another artist’s anniversary album. I have to say this is a really freaking good song. I love the huskiness of JYP voice and I think his voice fits these kinds of ballads. Ga-In was really good as well, her voice blending well with JYP making it a really great song. Singing done right for once.

“Can You Take Me Back Again, Again…” must be the most memorable line for me. It reminds me of a line in a really famous movie but I just can’t grab hold of the title of the movie. But seriously, after listening to this song I just keep on repeating this line. If I forget the line, I will literraly replay the whole song to just remember the whole line and use that as excuse to listen to the song. So yeah, the song was one hell of a good song.

Music Video

OMG. This must be another one of those really tragic videos. JYP and Ga-In are lovers (well Ex lovers). Ga-In has a husband, but does feel out-of-place and lonely when she is alone or with her husband. JYP is a playboy but does feel out-of-place where he is at that time. They both wanting to go back to their previous relationship, ending up going to a place where I assume have some special connection, like the first time they met. They end up cuddling each other and JYP, gets rid of the ring which Ga-In has on her ring finger and this symbolises the end of their previous relationship (Ga-In+ Husband & JYP + thousands of girls) and start their new relationship together. There is a short dance scene, which is really good but a bit random, like Se7en’s When I Can’t Sing. It just appears right there and then.

And The Rating?

There is no live performance and if there is, it won;t effect the rating I give them because I am just going to skip over that part. 9/10. Love this song and music video.

Have Fun Watching Troy. 😀

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