Bounce – JJ Project


I have been dying to review this song and now that I am OMFG!!!! I really love this song. It really is a great song that really does stand out from the rest. It really catchy beat and the really good rap and vocals. Oh and the chorus. It was like JYP chucked a load of English terms into one song, making it all sense and letting everyone’s jaw drop. As soon as I heard this song, I fell straight into its groove and beat. Jb and Jr are two very talented young men. If they keep on trying different genres, I think they would succeed. From what I know, there is a bit of rock and electro-pop into this song, which is pretty unique. I just want to say and it has been a while since I last watched the video, but the subtitles made no sense at all. Or was that another video? (If it is, then it would be very awkward right now.)

Music Video

Ummm… I really liked the music video. Expect for a small bit which kind of makes me look weird in a way. Is there a camera man in the music video? I think there is:

There is a camera man in the music video. Now I can see if he director made a mistake, but shouldn’t the editor surely picked up on this lonesome person in the corner. He  must have right?Look at UKISS’ video. AJ punched Kevin in the face. The editor there probably got sacked and another person got the job. seriously, while everyone has fun, there is a cameraman in the shot, just doing his job. How sad.

Oh and another thing about the music video. Newest fashion piece in the KPOP industry. All the stars are wearing this to the next red carpet: 

Imagine getting his head out this one. And I am talking about the cone head one. Not the actual stars of the video. Just the really smart person, who go a witches hat (cone) stuck on their head. Yay!!! Beside those two points, I really liked the music video. It was pretty good.

Live Performance

I enjoyed the dance for this song. It was energetic and quite fun to dance along with. The lyrics matched the dance literally (Like Wonder Girl’s Like This). Their heads bounced, when they were singing “Bounce, Bounce” and they shook their asses when they sang “Shake It, Shake It for me”. Not erotic at all. However the dance sequence at the end, kind of ruined the song, because it did not show much of the talent in of the artists. Though it looks hard, I expected something more from the guys at the end.

And The Rating?

8.66666/10. Yeah, cameraman. Not blaming it on you. Blaming it on the editing.  I don’t like a cameraman in the video. On in Behind The Scene footage.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:



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