Baby Goodnight – B1A4


Okay, I really don’t like this song. Cutesy boy is not a way to go for me. This song was kind of a let down, since all the other songs sung by B1A4 had really good vocals. Here, its just a bunch of guys being held back. I do like the change since it is a repackaged album, but Baby Goodnight really is not “the” change B1A4 needed. They had a really serious song as their first promotional track, but a cutesy boy aegyo kind of song for the repackage album. I would compare them to other artists, but it is not worth it.

The rap is okay and vocals are pretty good. Just really unsure about the chorus. What they put in for O.K., Beautiful Target, Only Learnt The Bad Things and Baby I’m Sorry is missing in this particular song.

Music Video

The music video is pretty colourful. I have to say this. And the plot of the music video made everyone go WHAT? The whole music video is about cheating, not loving your actual girlfriend as specified in the teaser, which makes me fell like I belong here. I am quite gullible and so are the many KPOP fans. LOL.

There was also that twist at the end. We know the guys are cheating on their girlfriend (notice that there is no pural) or is it just CNU cheating on his girlfriend? I really don’t know. Well it shows us that the girl ends up cheating on CNU/guys as well. However, would it not be obvious if the girl is cheating on her boyfriend/s, when they are oh so close to each other. Where the whole music video is set, is actually a small western cowboy themed town, where all the buildings are named after the members. Yep. Pretty sad. Anyway.

Live Performance

This dance is pretty cutesy as well. So it is not of much to my liking.  But I have to say something. Boots and shorts do not mix well together at all. Disgusting. Disgraceful.

And The Rating?

7/10. Not like the other songs which I liked. I found this song just average.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance:

Music Video:

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