Sexy, Free & Single – Super Junior


Let’s get something straight forward. I like this song much more than Mr. Simple and A-Cha. This song is like the times better than the last two promoted songs.

Anyway, this song totally rocks. The beat is quite good and I found it quite easy to get into it. I really like the vocals in this song, particularly Yesung and Kyuhyun’s voice cause they stood out the most. I am not sure about the rap of the song. Was there a rap? I’m can’t decide if the song actually had a rap in it. Half of me yes, the other half is not.

I really like the chorus of the song where the instrumental is like hands clapping and they are singing “Sexy, Free, Single”. It is quite unique.

Some points that I hated, was in fact the start of the song. Really did not flow with the rest of the song, though it did somehow connect with the actual song. Also, “Sexy, Free & Single. I’m ready to bingo” makes no sense what so ever.  The actual lyrics were “Sexy Free & Single. I’m Ready too, Bingo.” which does kind of make sense but all I hear is  “Sexy, Free & Single. I’m ready to bingo“.

Music Video

Another letdown. Another boring room with boring things in it. It looks tall at least. Reports said that matrix cameras were used in the filming of this music video. It is true that they did use the camera but in an awful manner. The ending was quite terrible (where the matrix cameras were used).

And how many costume changes did these guys go through? At one point Sungmin had a scarf on. Then Kyuhyun’s close-up, and then poof it was gone. And those terrible costumes for the close up shots. No, I don’t want to see people half-naked, where their necks are covered, to the point where talking in those looks really uncomfortable.

Live Performance

The dance is very unique. Just it really does not really have any match to the title of the song. Sexy is portrayed through the clothing and costumes of the singers, but where does the free & single part come into the dance. There was not much proof as well in the music video for the same reason. But beside that the dance for this song, really matched the beat of the song.

And The Rating?

I’d give this song a 9/10. I am quite happy with this song,as they really had really bad songs last year.  But are you already to bingo?

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Live Performance: (Sexy, Free & Single + From U)

Music Video

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