Love Style – Boyfriend


This is the first Boyfriend song that I liked. I was not really fond of them in Boyfriend and Don’t Touch My Girl because the songs sounded quite cheesy and kind of to cutey boy song, which I am not really fond of. This however is actually quite cheesy and a cutey boy song, but I don’t it as annoying as the other two songs. I think when I first heard I was hooked onto the song straight away. While most of you guys, (hopefully, big generalization here) are relaxing Summer heat, We Southern Hemisphere people, particularly in Melbourne, Australia are freezing our butts off due to the Winter weather. Yeah, I know this is normal for some countries, but I am hopeless in the cold. 12 degrees is so freaking freezing for me. Don’t ask, I am weak.

Anyway, I really like the chorus in the song and the rap. I just found the English in the song a bit concerning. Not sure if that is the right word, but “We’re Right” in this song, sounds like another language was added to the song. I did like the beat and instrumental of the song.

Music Video

I found this music video pretty good, despite it being a cutey boy song. The only thing I am definitely am not sure of is the floral suits. Not cool, not that great. Pretty bad. Actually the only down side to the whole video. But beside that, I really liked those hanging light sticks thing. They look quite nice. Me want.

Live Performance

Same with the floral suits. Not cool. I did find most of the dance quite good, despite it being like other dances by Boyfriend. But I just noticed, while typing this up, they have good dance, but don’t really fit into the type of song they are singing. Anyone with me there? Or is it just me?

And The Rating?

Pretty good for a band that I am not technically fond of. 8/10.

Have Fun Watching. 😀 Troy

Music Video Here:

Live Performance:

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